Could someone send me a time & temp chart for D76,D76 1-1with Tmax 400 : LUSENET : B&W Photo: URL Review : One Thread

I am in need of a time and temp chart for developing Tmax400 in D-76 and D-76 i-i. I could also use a exposure guide fpr Tmax400. Thanks Jack Holt

-- Jack Holt (, November 06, 2000


A download from has the following info for TMax 400 using D-76 @ 68 deg:

Stock D-76, 8 min D-76 1:1, 12.5 min

If you push to 800 ASA/ISO the time is 8 min for stock, 1600 the time is 10.5 min.

-- Dick (, November 17, 2000.

You might try doing a personal film speed test and development time test.

-- Vince Pulvirenti (, January 07, 2003.

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