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That's why he likes to keep that Texas minimum wage down there around $3.35 an hour. More than enough. Any more and you might have an "uprising". Gotta "keep 'em down" ya know, heh-heh.

You see, in the Bush Dynasty you are raised to understand that there's two types of people in this world... there's the elite "hylay-edj-kaytud" families of big oil tycoons, those who are "good enough" to socialize with, and then there's the "stupid people", the ones who were put on this planet to serve the elite, ya know.

Shrub's parents grew up in the days when it was easier to know who was put here to serve them... they was the black ones, the "slaves". These servants weren't quite as stupid as the elite thought they were, they knew what the word "slave" meant, so the high-class folks mostly just called them their "niggers". Yep, those were the good old days, when things were much easier for "classy" educated white folks.

Nowadays it's more complicated. Not allowed to pick and choose your "niggers" by the color of their skin anymore, so the best way to tell who is who is by how much money they got. If they are rich and powerful, they are your friends, the "high-class" people, ya know. People who aren't rich are basically the dumb ones, the servants for the rich, but of course you can't give them the impression that they are your slaves.

It's a lot more tricky than it used to be, but that's why the smart ones still deserve to be rich, they have it all figured out. You have to give the slaves (oops!... better call 'em the "working class") the idea that they can also be rich, if they could just be smart enough. The trick is to never pay them enough so they could get rich or educated, or else you might run out of servants.

Shrub likes to keep that minimum wage at $3.35 an hour, just right. It's enough for those working class people to buy a loaf of bread and think that if they save their pennies they could become elite too. But he wouldn't want them to move up too fast or there won't be enough people to serve the elite. He likes having plenty of "niggers" around, because the elite deserve to be served. After all, they're the ones who are smart enough to know how to keep this situation nicely "balanced", heh-heh.

-- Daddy Bush (, November 06, 2000


The Gore campaign and his overzelous followers, including the squirmy poster above, are the real bigots. Us against "them" - insiting racial division, age division, rich against "the middle class" - for political purposes.

-- David (, November 06, 2000.

Oh great, now the political action group "Racists For Gore" are starting mindless threads here. I wonder if Al would like to broadcast this 'Masterpiece of an ad' to the African American Churches he had been preaching to yesterday.

-- Grow UP (just@accept.defeat), November 06, 2000.

With advocates like you, algor doesn't need any enemies. Keep it up!

-- Lars (, November 06, 2000.

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