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GW Bush has a lot of backers, These Bush supporters pull no bones about why they back him.

Here are just some of the more tame testimonies for for why you should vote for him.



I want every KKK member to elect a PRO WHITE man to Office.

George W. Bush

You make damn sure you vote!



Well, gee, I guess that is the only one fit to print here.

They only have 10 members, But the maillist was only created 17 days ago.

With those stats you could think---no big deal. But they have gone from 15 visitors with 81 page views to 41 visitors with 159 page views in just two days.

You know every vote counts and these people are loyal to Bush!

So if you vote for GW Bush you are in bed with the KKK.

This is a logical, reasonable, undisputable FACT! (sic).

Shame, shame, shame on you. (TIC)

Just wait until they find out about the "rap" sone asking Dick Cheney to "step up".

-- Sherrie (, November 05, 2000


Um, rotflmao.

-- Bingo1 (, November 05, 2000.

You know, it's possible to disagree with people without belittling them. Apparently, you never learned that. Too bad for you.

-- Patricia (, November 04, 2000.

-- (truer words @ were never. spoken), November 05, 2000.


Hey, hey, hey,

We the KKK.

Better vote for Bush,

Or we'll kick in yer tush!


-- dinosaur (, November 05, 2000.

More extremist bull shit from the albore creeps. Try this:

Go to .html to see the "my own man" that really is Al Gore. This link is a transcript of a PBS interview corroborated by several people. It describes his pot habit, how he asked people to lie about it, his selfish arrogance, and his controlling personality.

-- cpr (, November 05, 2000.

Hey cpr ^^^ is HE any relation to you? I mean the arrogance part is after all a dead giveaway.

As for the pot smoking, have YOU ever smoked CPR, EVER?

Thank YOU

-- consumer (, November 06, 2000.

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