Water filter to filter out bacteria.Ozonator

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This may have been covered but I looking for a filter for bacteria removal.I don't want a whole house unit, I just want to filter the kitchen faucet.Where can I locate what I need? Ozonator or other? Not reverse osmosis.

Bacteria is not high but I was told by the water testing lab that only 0 is considered acceptable.Ideas on this and a filter to use?

Info will prob. be more applicable in a few months when we get in the old house, as it has an older, shallower well, and while I haven't tested it yet I expect some problems.

-- sharon wt (wildflower@ekyol.com), November 05, 2000


It will probably be impractical to filter out bacteria from the kitchen faucet. You can get rid of bacteria by several means, e.g. chlorinator, ozonator, ultraviolet (if the water is very clear). But to filter a rapid flow of water, such as a kitchen faucet, would be very expensive. Why not just get a Katadyn filter -the kind that you pour four or five gallons into, which drips the water through the ceramic filter-and use that?

Personally, if I had a bacterial problem, I'd probably use an ozonator, though.


-- jumpoff joe (jumpoff@echoweb.net), November 05, 2000.

We have a Big Berkey. It filters out 99% of lots of stuff and the water is great. The Red Cross uses this type of filter. Do a search on them or read in the ads in Countryside.

-- Cindy (atilrthehony_1@yahoo.com), November 05, 2000.

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