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If you could please tell me what issue this artical was in I would greatly appreciate it. I have a nest of yellowjackets to get rid of and remembered seeing the artical but not sure of what issue. Phillip S. Thompson

-- Phillip S. Thompsn (, November 05, 2000


if your nights are getting cool (below 45) go out and get them them, to cold for them

-- STAN (, November 05, 2000.

I think it was the sept 99 issue. But its simple enough to tell you here. 2 liter clear soda bottle. Cut 2 holes in sides aprox 4 in down from mouth of bottle ( this is to insert a short length of hose 1/2 inch inside diameter). before inserting hose, cut a hole on the side of the hose at the center of the length (envision the hose horizontally, the hose has an opening to the left and one to the right, you have sliced a hole aiming to the bottom of the jug, so that the openings in the hose are in a "t" pattern). Insert the hose in the jug with the slice in the wall of the hose pointed down. Using an ice pick, punch about 20 small holes around the collar of the bottle about 1 inch from the mouth (this lets the insects smell the bait). Fill bottle about halfway with red sugar syrup or sweetened koolaid (leave at least 2 inches between liquid and opening in side wall of hose). put cap on bottle, hang in area to be trapped. Wasps and yellowjackets will crawl over smell holes to opening at one of the sides, go into hose to center , fall into bottle after bait, then are trapped because they can't fly up into the hole to get out, instead they will try going through the smell holes at the top thinking that the way out.

-- Jay Blair (, November 05, 2000.

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-- walt (, November 06, 2000.

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