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The Conspiracy to Keep You Human: Why were you born?

Is it not a little puzzling that so much human energy is directed at understanding and utilising the material world, while neglecting or rejecting the search for the meaning of human existence? Modern man directs all his attention at perfecting technology and mastering his physical environment, while neglecting one of the greatest questions of them all: What is the purpose of human existence?

In the mad race to build up the outer man, have we neglected the inner man?

In an age of technological wonder and spectacular scientific breakthroughs, have you ever wondered: Why were you born?

To an observer from outside our tiny planet it most surely would appear that humanity does not know its ultimate purpose for being and exists solely for material improvement and sense gratification. Modern manBs whole educational system and ephemeral way of life is directed at economic advancement, social acceptance, vanity and false prestige.

According to the Bible a very wise man once declared Bthe day of death [is better] than the day of oneBs birthB (Ecclesiastes 7:1). A shocking and disturbing statement to most people. What is truly distressing is that human beings live their fragile physical lives as if they were going to live on Earth forever. What can be more sorrowful than a human being who wastes their limited life-span engaging in the futile Earth game of eating, sleeping, and procreating?

Surely it is distressing that most human beings appear to act as if their entire existence is solely about finding some illusive BhappinessB on Earth through the gratification of the limited human emotions and physical senses. How much of their finite lives do men and women expend in vainly seeking material satisfaction? Yet, like all physical life, everything we achieve on Earth will one day pass away.

Now the religious believer may respond that human beings must endure life in order to Bbe goodB and serve BGodB. What sort of BGodB are they talking about? Do loving parents demand that their children worship them, serve them, and always do what they say out of fear of terrible punishment? This is a BGodB who wants humans kept in bondage to this world of fleeting experiences, attachments and suffering. Such a BGodB would have to be humanityBs greatest adversary.

Established religions, backed by secular power, force on people the idea of God as the Almighty One who must be worshipped and obeyed, because all secular leaders want to be the One. The Christian religion, which became a world power thanks to the Roman Emperor Constantine, built up this image of Jesus as a personal potentate. Likewise other religions promulgate the same basic notion of a God-King demanding obedience and worship from his faithful servants. Thus religion, reinforcing the separation of God and mankind, emerged, controlling people and further alienating them from the Supreme Truth.

Could it be human beings have been conditioned to accept that their short delusory lives have no higher meaning? It is as if a malevolent extraterrestrial force placed a spell on Earth men and women causing them to automatically reject, or even viciously oppose, any thought of liberation from this planet and anything beyond mundane day-to-day existence. In our modern age this evil BspellB might be summed up like this: be married, a good parent, a reasonable church goer, buy a house, pay your mortgage, pay your insurance, have a good line of credit, be socially committed, and graciously accept death with hope that Bthrough His shed blood,B or some other equally worthless religious precept, you will go to Heaven after your death.

Why were you born? What are we here on this planet Earth for? To spend our limited lives in an endless quest to gratify our physical needs and passions? No! We are Here to Go! Our ultimate destiny lies beyond this Earth!

The Secret

Down through the ages the true meaning and purpose of human existence, the very key of life, has been handed down from generation to generation in the form of a hidden, esoteric kernel, never explicitly delineated but hinted at in mystic words and euphemisms fully understood only by the initiated. Myths and legends, parables and allegories have transmitted this key of life to our day.

God is spirit, but spirit can be manifested in Man, whereby it is correct to say that Bman is God and God is man.B There is an element of divinity a priori in every true man and woman, who are born to manifest the characteristics of the Absolute. But it must be nurtured.

The human brain is a transmitter, a receiver of supra natural energy or divine power. If man realises his true condition, rejects the world order perpetuating his ignorance, and awakens to the divine influences, the power of God will begin to manifest in man. Divinity is your potential. Godhood is your true birthright. But you must actualise it. You must transform the hidden YOU into a consuming fire. Transmuting your physical existence into radiant divine life. All things are interrelated by mysterious bonds. The energies of things impinge upon other things; each lives in all and all in each. There are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Everything has a mysterious meaning.

All the great esoteric traditions tell us that we are divine sparks, Light Souls condemned to wear a human body, exiled in a material world. By degrees we can awaken. We can use our limited lifetime to purify this Light Soul through overcoming the bonds of material existence on Earth. We must brake all barriers, lose the ties that bind us, and work to realise our True Being in this life.

Man is thus either a representation of the divine or the diabolic, as realisation of inner true nature and actualisation of dormant potentials. Men and women can either become degraded under the influence of their Adversary, and an ignorant addiction to physical embodiment, or rise to divinity through awakening to the power of God.

In the original time, during the first great cycle, there was a unity of God and man. Long before the creation of this world, your TRUE BEING was in existence. You volunteered for service in the army of the King of Light. A race of divine warriors came forth in order to combat darkness and shed light. Over great time cycles, battles raged giving rise to the matter, energy, space, time universe. The solar system came into existence. And the divine warriors were deceived by their Adversary. Forgetting their original mission they became enamored by the opportunity of physical embodiment. Divine Beings came to Earth and a Nation of gods was born.

Through pride and a fascination with the enclosed Garden of Delights - Planet Earth - the Divine Beings got caught up in a downward spiral, falling under the influence of the spell of sleep cast by their Adversary. The experience of limitation locked the Beings into bodily experience. They became addicted to biological existence, began to experience death and could not ascend to the Realm of Light. The process of falling deeper and deeper into limitation continued and gradually they completely forgot their divinity. The physical cycle of birth and death drew them back into human flesh. Beings returned to the enclosed Garden of Delights through the seed of their own offspring. Having lost knowledge of their divine unlimited nature, humans have been doomed to physical emodiment and a delusional reality.

Nation of Gods

Faint reminders of this lost Nation of gods can be found in the Sphinx and Pyramids of Egypt and the surviving great wonders of civilisations. Scattered remnants of a time when Man lived a life superior to our present age of darkness. As humanity became engrossed in material existence it moved further away from divine light and wisdom. Because mankind centred its attention upon the outer manifestations B material existence B it brought about suffering and distress. A successive process of degeneration set in.

Man could not bare the Truth. Gnosis, the Supreme Knowledge of Self, had to be concealed and only taught to a closed circle of initiates. A Silent Brotherhood, as guardians of the secret knowledge of God, manifested in history through the activities of Secret Schools. The key of life was hidden from degraded beings.

What Christians describe as Bthe fall of AdamB is a reflection of a most significant event on a higher level in an earlier cycle: the separation of God and Man. God in His fallen state is Man. AdamBs fall is only a picture of manBs fall from his divine position with God. Man lost knowledge of Self and this ignorance of his True Being separated him from the Absolute. True knowledge of God being equal to knowledge of Self. Man on Earth must awake to his predicament and know that he is in essence a Light Spark of the Divine Fire. Only then can he embark on the path toward total Self-realisation. For Man in his exalted state is God.

Once you know your True Being and recover the original mission for which you volunteered then you are ready to allow the divine will and wisdom to manifest in your physical body. Jesus the Christ represented the fullness of God in man, and by His powerful example demonstrated the exalted state that every true human being can evolve into: BYe are all Gods, children of the Most High God.B

Yes, human beings have within themselves a "Spark" of divinity. But that spark of divinity is embryonic, and scarcely more than potential in most people, and has to pass through an awakening process of unfoldment and development. The whole purpose of the vast scheme of Evolution (not the Darwinian conception which is limited to physical forms and is largely erroneous at that) is the unfoldment of the potentially divine "spark" (your True Being) simultaneously and synchronously with the evolution of the physical vehicle, into "the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ". The resurrection of the lost original Nation of gods.

Thus physical and spiritual evolution is really obverse and reverse, two sides of one and the same process. The trouble with the world today is uneven development - the mental and material have outstripped the spiritual. Therefore the approaching disasters are both necessary and inevitable, in order that the balance may be restored in accord with the Divine Plan of the ages.

The key of life is knowledge of Self. To know oneself is to know God, to unveil the hidden truth of the Absolute. Everyone who successfully completes the path of Self-realisation will be gods. You must actualise your dormant divinity, reclaim your mission as a warrior of the King of Light and rebuild the lost Nation of gods. You were born for this mission!

All manBs ambitions should rightly be directed at the resurrection of the Nation of gods and a reuniting with the King of Light. Knowledge of Self is just the first step on the path to the transmutation of all life.

The Adversary

The Adversary wants you to believe that he does not exist.

Within the human family there are those who manifest something of their divine potential, those who, on this plane in this time cycle, reflect aspects of their true home, the superior world of light. And there are those who have become so degraded, contaminated, and addicted to physical existence in the enclosed Garden of Delights that they are reflections of the Adversary, Bgod of this worldB.

You ask, who is the enemy we must resist? Who is the Adversary we must overcome to complete our mission and return home victorious?

Numerous ancient myths tell of non-physical gods, spirits, supernatural entities or fallen angels who control the material world and seek to stop humans from realising their true Self. These dark gods view men as their property, their cattle, and its displeases them to lose heads of cattle. This is why they place obstacles in the way of knowledge that would otherwise allow man to free himself, to escape from the ties of the material world. These dark gods are humanityBs Prison Warders, barring the way back home.

The dark gods and their chief, the Adversary, act through human agents. They empower the earthly dark forces that rule the modern world and divert, deform and annihilate all manBs inner urges toward Ultimate Reality. They seek to keep mankind in spiritual blindness, blissfully addicted to physical life, imprisoned in the enclosed Garden of Delights. There are several basic formulas that have held humanity in ignorance and slavery. The most common is the Work B Consume B Breed - Obey - Die formula.

The enemy is those beings and forces that have devised and enforced these basic formulas, and now threatened by the loss of their human slaves will do anything to keep these formulas in operation.

All the forces of suppression have now come together to keep the secret of Self from being used to create a new race of beings on this planet. A Nation of Awakened Ones is on the horizon. All it takes is for us to throw off our addiction to material existence, declare our citizenship in our true home beyond the stars, and resist all those entities who would keep us enslaved in the Garden of Delights.

The spirit of divine wisdom, freedom, justice, and truth will manifest itself through purified and transformed human flesh. Then all will know the meaning of: BMan is God and God is Man.B You have no birth record, you have always existed, a nation of gods, originating in the Originator.

Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen. Its TIME to KNOW why you were born. Its TIME to claim your birthright. Its TIME to AWAKE.

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-- Reader (, November 05, 2000


Don't cross-post this crap over here. It isn't even entertaining. ytwok pumps is a bored psychology/sociology professor in academic Siberia who is using the in-fighting that these articles generate for research.

-- (, November 05, 2000.

Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin, When he smiled I realized I'd passed it on to him . I thought about that smile, then I realized its worth, A single smile, just like mine, could travel 'round the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected; Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!

-- Someone (, November 05, 2000.

someone, that's a fact. I smiled at a young woman scurrying to get her baby carriage across the street before the light changed. She glanced up at me, and I smiled to show her she didn't need to hurry. She slowed down and smiled back, then I smiled at a guy in the grocery store that I don't like. He looked taken aback but did smile a little. It is catching. Although I've noticed that some people seem to be startled, you know, as if there's some kind of mistake. :)

-- gilda (, November 05, 2000.

Man could not bare the Truth

Yes, until I joined the International Society of Nudists, I could not bare the truth.

-- (, November 05, 2000.

Here's someone else who appreciates it.

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), November 05, 2000.

Thank you Reader~

Count me in as another appreciator! Do you have a link you would like to share?

-- Aunt Bee (, November 06, 2000.

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