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Government sites use tracking devices.

Republican Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee ask, BHow can this administration (ClintonBs) talk about protecting privacy when its own agencies jeopardize some of the publicBs most private information? BThis as reported in BThe Associated PressB
The General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, found 13 agencies were using BCookiesB to trace browsing habits and violating policy.
They found all 13 tracked consumers paths during their visits to the sites and that some were employing BpersistentB text files that could be read for years after the initial visit.
This is the agencies who sneak in your PC. when you visit them.
U.S Forrest Service International Program - U.S. Customs Service - Bureau of Labor Statistics - Federal Emergency Management Agency - Office of National Drug Control Policy - Bureau of Land Management - Central Federal Lands Highway Division - Energy DepartmentBs Ames Laboratory - National Park Service - Office of Personnel Management - U.S. Trade and Development Agency - and the Health Care Financing Administration, which runs Medicare.
My personal opinion is this is just the tip of the iceberg!
I know, now you read it, your seeing RED!James

-- James (, November 05, 2000


My husband has something on here called...hold on...I think its called Neotrace...that tells you when someone is trying to read your cookies on your puter. All of this is very peculiar to information can be used as a form of control.

-- Beth Weber (, November 05, 2000.

As said in prior posts on this topic, be sure to dump your cookies regularly, or refuse to accept them, if that is possible for your usage. Also, clear your "history" every day or two. I have mine set to clear automatically through my ISP.

-- Anne (, November 05, 2000.

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