The voters are suffering from monoconceptitis and are so stressed out trying to manage their everyday affairs that they can't see the big picture. The Clinton supporters : LUSENET : TB2K spinoff uncensored : One Thread

can't see that their tricks are backfiring. Mono (one) concept (idea, plan) ititus (condition of) means that the voters can only handle one new idea at a time. Lower taxes, better schools, safe from guns, lower the deficit, save social security, better health care are all good ideas but you can not have it all. The Federal Government has in effect borrowed 6 Trillion dollars from foreigners to blow for the benefit of the American people. This is the trade deficit from this year, last year the year before, government bonds sold overseas etc. etc. etc. This money will never be repaid. What happens when interest rates rise and the interest on the national debt starts costing $300 Billion each year, Federal revenues decline and the interest consumes 25 or 30 per cent of government receipts. Is the tooth fairy going to pay it? What if the foreign debt holders start bringing their money back home before it is worthless or start buying everything they can in the US. Prices here would skyrocket. Lets see how ALGORE will eliminate the National Debt by 2012, will safeguard Social Security, increase prescription benefits, reduce taxes, increase the number of teachers, improve the schools, make everything better, reduce crime and bring heaven on earth. Give me a break. Even Moe knows that and he is not too swift. These things have been promised each election for the past 50 years and is anything better? There should be a law against promising any of these things but another law is just what we need. With 14,000 gun laws on the books, we need one more? Maybe we need a none of the above option on the ballot and if one candidate does not get a majority, the election will be held again.

On another subject, "Investors" are really stupid. Companies pay say 40 Billion dollars for a company yet if stock were sold in the same company, the number of shares times the share value would be 5 to 10 times what the company would sell for. Cisco, IBM, Lucent, Priceline, Amazon etc. rose to prices that can never be justified on a rational basis. Do the bubbleheads on TV ever say to sell something? They make used car salesmen look honest. Think and unload that stock before the crash.

-- Curly (Curly@3stooges.gom), November 04, 2000



-- al-d. (, November 04, 2000.

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