Gore's got it!

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Bush has 212 electoral votes, Gore has 211

Now, the battle states...

As of last night,

Pennsylvania (23) moves from undecided to Gore: the Reuters/MSNBC poll shows him ahead by six points.

Michigan (18) moves from undecided to Gore: his lead in the Reuters/MSNBC tracking poll jumped to nine points.

And as of tonight,

Florida (25) goes from undecided to Gore, based on the latest Reuters/MSNBC tracking poll showing him 5 points ahead.


25 + 18 + 23 = 61

61 + 211 = 272


-- YIPEEEE!! (YEEEEHAAAW@SHRUB.IS.DONE), November 03, 2000


Ooops! (that's the shrub's fuzzy math) Make that 66 + 211 = 277



-- (whoooopeeee@yeeee.haaaaw!), November 03, 2000.

Save your math lesson for Wednesday morning giddy boy. Gore will never be President of our great country, never. For that you should be thankful.

-- I (h@ve.spoken), November 03, 2000.

Isn't it against the law to allow someone to be president if they have been convicted of a crime? Heck, Gore might even win by default when Shrub has to forfeit the race.

-- (that@would.be.sweet), November 03, 2000.

You really wanna stack a 24 year old DUI against much more CURRENT felonious fundraising from a White House phone to a Buddhist campout? Don't push this one cause you won't come out on top. This dumb shit may find himself indicted win or lose.

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), November 04, 2000.

"This dumb shit may find himself indicted win or lose."

Bush has already pleaded guilty to the D-Dubya-I, I don't think he can be indicted again.

-- (gore@wins.by.default), November 04, 2000.

It's got to be a felony, dill-weed...

-- Uncle Bob (unclb0b@aol.com), November 04, 2000.

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