TURKEY - Ministry shuts down Yatagan station; state of emergency declared

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Ministry shuts down Yatagan station; state of emergency declared The government closes Yatagan Thermal Power Station for three days after the sulphur dioxide to air ratio reaches a fatal level. Yatagan and its surrounding area announce a state of emergency and residents ask for gas masks

Izmir - Turkish Daily News

Following the determination of a danger to human life in Yatagan and its surrounding area from high levels of sulphur dioxide in the air caused by the coal-burning Yatagan Thermal Power Station, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Cumhur Ersumer has halted the station's operation for three days until Nov. 6. The region's schools have been closed temporarily until Monday.

A statement from the Energy and Natural Resources Ministry said that Ersumer had sent a directive to the Turkish Electricity Corporation (TEAS) to close the Yatagan Thermal Power Station until Monday, Nov. 6. The written statement said: "On definition of the situation in Yatagan, regarding the air pollution which constitutes a danger, the power station's closure will continue for three days. Though the energy crisis in Turkey still exists, because of the sensitivity of the issues of public health and the environment, the power station has stopped operating temporarily."

Yatagan District Mayor Hasmet Isik said that once they had closed the power station's three units by 10:30 a.m., people could breathe more easily. "Schools have been temporarily closed until Monday," he said. "According to weather forecasts, rain and wind are coming. If this does not occur the station's closure could be extended. Yatagan has been put under a state of emergency. Decisions need to be made fast. We want chimney filtration facilities to be finished and in order to do this, money needs to be allocated. Work on the station's filtration facilities started in 1997 and up to now 90 percent of the required money has been provided. Once the last 10 percent has been supplied, facilities can be completed immediately, but it is already late by 14 months."

Isik stressed: "The people of Yatagan have been breathing poisonous air for about 18 years, and that is enough. We have asked the Health Ministry for health checks on residents. The ministry should register how many people have breathing-related illnesses. We have also asked that gas masks be provided for the people of Yatagan."


-- Doris (reaper@pacifier.com), November 03, 2000

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