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Hello good people...

Fast By Ferracci is now selling riser bars for the MV. Mr. Ferracci has been using them on his Oro. I will have them installed and report back.

Also Mr. Phil Read has created a carbon exhaust for the MV. I will post pictures on the

A Marchesini dealer tells me that they do not have wheels for the MV yet.

Did anyone try the vids on the webpage?

-- mod (, November 03, 2000


Does anyone have any experience with ordering from Phil Read (getting stuff delivered to the US)? I'm especially interested if anyone has ordered and installed the air boost tube thumb recess kit.

Thanks for putting those videos up on the webpage as well.

-- Tom (, November 03, 2000.

Have access to a lot of aftermarket parts including original Magnesium Parts that are not readily available through the dealers network as well as a lot of carbon fiber, titanium hardware, billet aluminium rear sets/carbon rearsets, titanium hardware replacement program, battery weight shedding program. I also have access to high compression pistons as well as titanium connecting rods and lighter and larger valves. A full titanium exhaust (all the way from the headers and back) is on the works as well as a better flowing airbox. If you have interest on purchasing parts please email me with any questions.

-- Fabio Andrade (, November 03, 2000.

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