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Are people falling asleep? Even more shocking than the fact that a hypocritical criminal is so close to being elected is a much more critical issue... poor judgement.

Why did it take the Shrub TEN FULL YEARS to FINALLY admit to himself that he had a serious problem with alcohol, and to FINALLY DO SOMETHING about it?

Is this the way he is going to deal with ALL problems that the office of the presidency presents? The answer, as any expert on the behavior of alcoholics will tell you, is undeniably, YES! Shrub will continue to deal with REAL problems, problems of the American People. And how will he handle them? With DENIAL, BAD JUDGEMENT, and the LACK OF COURAGE to do the right thing, just as he has demonstrated in the state of Texas, but on a MUCH LARGER scale.

Putting the power of the presidency into the hands of someone who has such a weakness of character and lack of fortitude will result in dire consequences for this great nation. DON'T let this happen, it would be disastrous.

-- (shrub@serious.trouble), November 03, 2000


He was ARRESTED and CONVICTED of a DUI in 1976, and it took him 10 YEARS before he stopped drinking in 1986!!

Was he hoping that he could put more people's lives at risk, or was he just too self-absorbed to care?

-- (shrubya@very.bad.person), November 03, 2000.

He got caught,so what,thousands of people get DUI's every week.He learned a lesson,don't drink and drive it is stupid and dangerous,No one said the fella had to stop partyin',just be responsible about it. And just for the record, drinking is not a crime.

Sheeesh,temporance committee's

-- capnfun (capnfun1@excite.com), November 03, 2000.

A far better question would be:

Why does Gore STILL LIE AFTER 20 PLUS YEARS!!!!! Is there no end to his prevarications and stalling...at least Bush quit and got help...

What's Gore's excuse...errr, better yet, who will he blame for his own mistakes? He can't stand on his own record so now he's just smearing EVERYBODY....gee, that tactic sounds familiar. Could it be Clinton? Or what? I smell FBI files, Chinagate, fundraisers, stall tactics, partisan politicking, personal attacks and tax audits in the air...

Sorry, don't buy it....Alwhore is the one who's in serious trouble here...it's so obvious, even a blind liberal should be able to "see" it.

-- (stupidis@stupiddoes.com), November 03, 2000.

"He learned a lesson"

But it took him 10 YEARS to learn it!

"And just for the record, drinking is not a crime."

Aaaah, but drinking and driving IS, that's why he was arrested.

In addition, Bush LIED to his own daughters, all this time! They found out from the news, after he had been preaching to them how it was wrong! He probably never even told his wife!

-- (shrub@lying.hypocrite), November 03, 2000.

He didn't lie to his family. He didn't volunteer the information, but when asked he immediately owned up to it. I don't volunteer the messier areas of my life either, but if asked by a family member would own up to them.

After the Clinton era of outright lies and redefinitions, I guess your moral outrage meter has gone ker-plunk! You may want to get it fixed and recalibrated.

-- mmmph (stupidis@stupiddoes.com), November 03, 2000.

You anti-Bush folks are nuts.

I got a DWI in 1989. It completely changed my life. $10,000 later, I was cured of driving and drinking. And slowed down drinking altogether.

Being convicted of a DWI doesn't mean you're some horrible ogre who can never function in society again.

Being convicted of a DWI most likely means you got caught doing the same thing all your buddies were doing; just you were the "example". Maybe they slowed down as a result.

Re George Bush: when the Final Judgment comes, I have no doubt that the Final Verdict will show that Al Gore has committed crimes as Vice-President that make any of George Bush's crimes look like 6 AM compared to the noonday sun

(hope you folks can grasp an analogy)

-- Chicken Little (y2k@whatajoke.net), November 03, 2000.


>Re George Bush: when the Final Judgment comes, I have no doubt that the Final Verdict will show that Al Gore has committed crimes as Vice-President that make any of George Bush's crimes look like 6 AM compared to the noonday sun

> (hope you folks can grasp an analogy)

Yeah, we can grasp one.

At 6 AM this morning here it will still be dark outside and it will be hard to see things, so if I were to take a stroll outdoors I'd have to be careful not to run into or step on things. At noon it will be light outside and it will be easy to see my way around.

Analogies to dark and light traditionally associate dark with evil and light with good.

Yeah, thanks, Chicken. Good analogy.

-- No Spam Please (nos_pam_please@hotmail.com), November 03, 2000.


snort...snuffle......scratch...."huh" "what"....go 'way....sleepin'


-- (zzzzzzzzzzzzz@snore.com), November 03, 2000.

What the HELL, Clinton LIED 5 minutes prior to being elected....can ANYONE say Flowers? He'd of still been lying had she not recorded their affair.

But, hey, America wanted a change, so they got what they wanted, a liar. I dont have a problem with it as I did not vote for him when TSHTF.

As for Bush, at least he has admitted it.

I'm still undecided which of the two is the lessor of evil's. Therefore, I'm doing 3rd party. I can NOT in good faith vote for either of them. Although at this point, IF I HAD to vote for either, it would still be Gore. Because I am NOT rich and I need some money.

Repeat....I NEED my MONEY.....

geez, I sure hope the candidates are monitoring our site :-)

-- consumer (shh@aol.com), November 03, 2000.

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