Bush admits to DUI conviction

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Bush Pleaded Guilty To DUI

The Associated Press Thursday, Nov. 2, 2000; 7:09 p.m. EST

WASHINGTON BB Texas Gov. George W. Bush pleaded guilty nearly 25 years ago to driving while under the influence of alcohol, his presidential campaign said Thursday after news organizations received copies of the 1976 police report.

"It's not something he's proud of," spokeswoman Mindy Tucker said, explaining why Bush had not come forward with the information on his own.

Bush, 54, was pulled over by police for driving too slowly near his family's Kennebunkport, Maine, summer home during the Labor Day weekend. Other people were in the car, but Tucker did not know who.

Tucker said Bush paid a $150 fine and had his driving privileges revoked in the state of Maine for a short period. His drivers' license in Texas, where Bush lived at the time, was not revoked or suspended, she said.

The GOP presidential nominee has said he quit drinking the day after his 40th birthday B July 6, 1986. Alcohol "was beginning to compete for my affections," he told an interviewer in September.

Campaign officials said Bush was detained by police, though they did not know for how long, and said he posted a $500 bond. They said Bush decided to release details of the incident after the police report was faxed to Maine news outlets.

"He has said repeatedly he is not going to itemize the mistake that he made. He has said what's important is that every American knows it's not right to drink and drive," Tucker said.

A year before the incident, Bush earned his Masters of Business Administration and returned to Texas to get into the oil business at age 29.

In the summer of 1977, he met his wife, Laura, and married her in November. A year later, he launched an unsuccessful bid for the U.S. Congress.

-- Hurry folks, (wake@the.hell up), November 02, 2000


I got pulled over for the same thing, in the same year. Imagine that. My friend for some reason, thought it was ok to get out of the car holding a wine bottle(full) The cops thought it was funny, luckily. I think it helped when I told them we were just out "cruising" (we were in a VW) They thought that was funny too.

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), November 02, 2000.

cow,s moo---dogs bark--sinners-sin!! who,s perfect??????

and the beat goes-on!!


-- al-d. (dogs@zianet.com), November 02, 2000.

I'd heard that some bad "mud" was a coming, but I thought that it would be better than this. 1976? Gore was doing pot at about the same time, by his own admissions. What matters is what these guys are doing now. Whats the Gore camp doing? Lying:

The Gore campaign has denied any involvement in leaking the news.

The campaign of Democratic nominee Al Gore vehemently denied it had anything to do with leaking the news and refused any further comment.

``The Gore campaign had nothing to do with this and this is just something that we're not commenting on,'' said Gore spokesman Chris Lehane. ``It would be inappropriate to comment on this.''

Source: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20001102/ts/bush_arrest_dc_3.html

Oh, I'm sure no one in the Gore campaign was involved in this or even knew about it, lol. FoxNews, which broke the story, just reported that the source of the story and the dui document came from a lawyer in Maine - who had the document months ago - at the Democratic National Convention. He was a delegate. This "mud" was kept until today, where it could "help" the cause at the most opportune time.

Folks, this is desperation. The outcome of this election is not in doubt, Bush has at least a four point lead and dirt digging and timed releases such as this will only work to get out the supporters of George Bush. I expect one dirt bomb a day from the Gore camp now, but fortunately, there are only 4 days left until this nonsense is over.

Peyewww....politics shaw do stink...

-- David (David@bzn.com), November 02, 2000.

Yep, politics shaw do stink! Remember me?

-- Kenny Starr (peeeyeeew@ismell.worsedanshit), November 03, 2000.

"I never had sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky!"

At least Bush didn't lie about it. He owned up to it...and right away too after he was asked..You're just amazed 'cuz he didn't stall until after the election like Gore does..Does smoking "weed" to excess and denied repeatedly by Gore count? Geez, get a life fella. Gore the pothead calling Bush a drunk. Got anymore dirt you want to sling?

-- mmmph (stupidis@stupiddoes.com), November 03, 2000.

oooooh! And don't forget that at least Bush's substance abuse was LEGAL!!!! As opposed to Gore's pot use.

-- mmmph (stupidis@stupiddoes.com), November 03, 2000.

"At least Bush didn't lie about it."


Concealing the truth is the same as telling a lie...

Never, never, never tell a lie... never, never, never.... Kenneth Starr

-- (shrubya@bad,bad.bad), November 03, 2000.

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