Pitcher Pump Washers

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How long do the leather washers last in your pump? I have a rarely used pump on my soon to be retirement homestead that I have had to replace every year when I go "home" on leave. Any suggestions to make them last longer. Thanks!

P.S. For you military folks out there. CWO2 WEPS, USCG in case you want to know.

-- Gunner P. (rkphipps@simflex.com), November 02, 2000


My guess is that because it's leather, it's drying out from lack of use the rest of the year, try a rubber/synthetic one, or get someone to operate the pump occasionally through out the year. When the leather dries out, it cracks, then the seal fails, no suction, no water. Annie in SE OH.

-- Annie Miller (annie@1st.net), November 02, 2000.

For 3 years now, we remove our pump during period of extended non use and store it away from the elements. The rubber flap washer is also an effective solution.

-- Jay Blair (jayblair678@yahoo.com), November 03, 2000.

I had a pitcher pump installed at my well for Y2K. The installer failed to tell me of the leather washer, so when fall arrived and I wanted to check it, it wouldn't pump anything. So I wound up paying over $l00 for the time it took to try to get it pumping and installing a new leather. Now after having a particularly dry year, and no time to pump it up every day, I suppose it won't work now if I should need it. I do put a little water in it every day, from the hose, but if it is sufficient I won't know until I need to use it. I think if you don't have anyone to pump some water up ever day or two, you are stuck with having to get it replaced, or learn how to do it yourself.

-- Duffy (hazelm@tenforward.com), November 09, 2000.

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