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Did anyone else pick up on the comment the paraplegic boy made to Carter? When the casulties from the walkway collapse were being brought in he commented to Carter that "they probably didn't see it (the collapse) coming. I know I sure didn't (in reference to his bike accident)". Carter didn't see his attack coming either. And he probably didn't "see" the addiction build either-until it was too late. I LOVE this season-it has the feel of the early years, great character development, and building on past episodes. I think Carter still has a lot of "stuff" to deal with from the stabbing. Something like that takes a long time to get over. Even when you think you're over it-BAM-something will happen and you react in a way you wouldn't expect. TPTB are doing a super job of handling things in a "real life" way!

-- Bev (, November 02, 2000


I agree. I liked that scene a lot. I bet that is what was going through Carter's mind. He was probably thinking Lucy didn't see it coming either.

-- Stephanie (, November 02, 2000.

You know, although I picked up on what the boy said, I actually thought while I was watching the scene that Carter either did not pick up on it, or did not want to pick up on it. There was almost a non-reaction to what the child was saying. Carter has such an expressive face that I felt the lack of reaction on his part was probably more telling than if we had gotten the more obvious, and expected reaction. Is Carter still repressing his emotions in connection with his attack?

-- N Wilson (, November 02, 2000.

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