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Hereyago! At least it ain't about sex. So you know it came out of the Bush camp. Those Gorites are OBSESSED with SEX!

Gore And Clinton Early Careers Said Funded By Communist Money

By Rick Wiles American Freedom News Copyright October 27, 2000 11-1-00

A member of the Russian Duma has obtained documents from the Russian government showing that the early political careers of Bill Clinton and Al Gore were financed by communist money.

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-- phobic (, November 02, 2000


Not to mention 7 years of lowered security so the Chinese could have every possible "secret" in our arsenal. But, boys will be boys. (ugh)

-- Blah (Blah@blah.blah.blah), November 02, 2000.

BULL SHITSKI. GARBAGE SOURCE. The real question is did all this happen before or after or during the following "sighting":
Gigantic Illuminated Saucer
Over NY - Huge Boomerang
Craft Near NJ
From George A. Filer
Director - Mutual UFO Network Eastern
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #43 10-31- 00

BELLEROSE -- We witnessed a thickened disk shaped object that was silvery in color and extremely illuminated with yellow lights on October 16, 2000. It passed into our view at 11:55 PM going very slow and flying extremely close to the ground probably less than 5000 feet. It was going five times slower than a typical commercial plane. We saw it for two minutes, and then the object disappeared behind a mass of trees. We ran up the block to an area where we could better view this object, but it was gone, no where to be seen. What sticks out in my mind the most is how massive this flying object was. It looked two times larger than a blimp. I have never seen anything like it before.
LONG BEACH ISLAND -- It was late Saturday night on October 8, 2000, when a girl that I am seeing and I were sitting in the hot tub at 01:10 AM. We were facing east looking towards the Atlantic Ocean and noticed a few shooting stars. There was a bright star on the eastern horizon that I am guessing was the planet Venus. As I lay back in the tub chatting I saw a section of sky that seemed to be blurred. This section was just north of that bright star and I tried to clear my eyes, figuring that I had gotten something in them. My friend said, "What the heck is that?" and pointed to the area just right of the bright star. The glare of the full moon illuminated the edges and showed the boomerang shape clearly. It was larger than a jumbo jet with more surface area and camouflaged by the darkness of the sky with little bright spots to resemble the background of the surrounding stars. The area inside was blurred and fuzzy. If the moon was not shining brightly in a clear sky in that direction we feel that the object would have been very hard to detect. The object was moving to the southwest with the point of the triangle pointing to the west. It crossed quickly without sound. The wind was from the west at about 5-8 mph. The altitude of the object was around 15000 feet. Based upon my experiences in traveling in commercial airplanes I would estimate that it covered 50 miles in that 10 to 12 second. There were no traces of propulsion, smoke, vapor, sound, or any accompanying objects. The object was not a normal aircraft and it flew without lights. I told my observation to my friend and she said she saw exactly the same thing. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director National UFO Reporting Center
HOWELL -- Doug Parrish reports a student told him about a sighting that took place in Livingston County, just south of I-96 while bow-and-arrow hunting. The student, a junior at Howell High school had fallen asleep in his hunting blind in a tree some 18 feet above the ground. He awoke early on Saturday morning on October 7, 2000, at 4:00 AM when it was still dark and cold. Suddenly, he was aware that a bright red light of some size was approached his position from the northwest, heading in a southeasterly direction at very high speed. He estimated that the object was 225 feet from his location and was passing just above treetop level of about 50 feet at incredible speed. He said, "The object crossed his entire field of view in less than one-second!" It appeared to be the size of a half dollar coin held at arm's length. The object made no noise and had a bright red light in its center. The light seemed to diffuse to the edges of the object, as though it were a translucent sphere of some kind. The student told Parrish that it was not any kind of reflection from the bill of his cap, which he was wearing backwards, nor was it from glasses, since he does not wear glasses. The exact coordinates are 42B0 38.134'N 84B0 02.026'W. Thanks to Doug Parrish
CLEBURNE -- On October 4, 2000, I was laying in my hot tub when a boomerang passed over my house at 90 feet altitude. It was 10:25 PM when an object shaped like a boomerang dark in color with a strange semi glow to it passed over heading south. It was the three times or larger than my house and had 7 black spheres underneath. One was in the nose and three were on each wing. The object made absolutely no noise. It had strange dissecting lines on the inside third of the two 'V' wings that looked almost like flaps.
RICHMOND-KATY -- On October 7, 2000, a huge disk shaped object was observed over the back roads between Richmond and Katy at 11:00 PM west of Houston. While traveling north it was observed first as a round cluster of about 10 greenish lights high up in the sky. The object appeared to be following our car. As the car moved into less populated areas the "object" swooped down closer to our car. The cluster of lights were at the bottom of a distinct disk shaped object which seemed 100 yards wide. The passengers opened the car windows but heard no sounds. When one passenger used a cell phone the object flew much closer but then backed off and flew away. Thanks to Peter Davenport NUFORC
Jim Hickman and Joel Carpenter write, "The Kansas fireball of October 13th hit the news again. You may remember that NORAD was denying that it was space junk, despite ever-increasing evidence that it was the Russian Proton booster of a Glonass (GPS) satellite launch. A surprised La Crosse, west central Kansas farmer has found the battered remains of the rocket on his farm. I spoke to the Wichita Eagle reporter who has been covering this "UFO" story, she says that she is going to try and get a comment from NORAD on the find. Readers may find the following report interesting. Thanks to Joel carpenter and Jim Hickman.
Editor's Note: NORAD either missed the Russian Proton booster on its radar or may have wanted to examine the booster, but it chose not to reveal its presence. There also may have been multiple objects in the sky that confused the tracking. The main reports came from Texas, Oklahoma, crossing Kansas moving north into Nebraska indicating only parts of the object landed in Kansas while other objects continued flying north.
ESTES PARK -- Deborah Lindemann C.H.T. interviewed Marie regarding two major sightings 55 miles northwest of Denver. Marie and her family witnessed an UFO on September 6, 2000, four miles south of Highway 34 in the Rocky Mountain National Park area. They saw a "big white light" come up from behind a hill directly west of their house at 9:15 PM. "It was about the size of a full moon." Marie said, "This thing came fast right towards us, and my husband, my new daughter-in-law and myself, were all there on the front porch saying "What is that?" It came right over the top of our heads. We were getting ready to go on vacation and our cameras were packed. So, I just stood there and tried to see everything! I could see a triangular shape inside this big white light that had curved edges. The triangular points were curved and it had hieroglyphic like squiggly markings around the edges. The squiggle's were all the way around and a bit lighter than the body color. It was slightly bigger than a full moon and about the size of my fist at arm's length. The sighting lasted fifteen to thirty seconds as the object moved silently to the east. As this white ball of light came over our heads at a continual speed, you could look right into it. It was dark gray, but the light was all around it. Deborah asked, if it was a perfect triangle? Marie indicated two sides were longer, and one side was shorter like an elongated triangle. Later they drove two miles to the area where it first came into view which is near the mountain tram that runs in Estes Park.
MARY'S LAKE -- Marie's son and daughter-in-law shared a second sighting on Sunday, October 1, 2000. Ironically, the two would never have remembered the second sighting, except that Marie had unintentionally triggered their memories by discussing their earlier sighting. This suddenly jogged their memories and they were amazed that they had forgotten. They began to relate their sighting that was even more frightening. They were driving by Mary's Lake near Rocky Mountain National Park a few miles south of highway 34, when Jim slammed on the breaks and said, 'Look over there!' They saw an absolutely huge thing just hanging in the sky at 8:00 PM! He said, "It looked like two giant eighteen wheelers, with trailers, end to end with two blue lights and a red light on it." It was in the sky just below mountain level. I can't tell you the shape, because we were looking at the side of it." Estes Park is a valley, and if you're up high on the mountain looking across the valley, the UFO is airborne at your level. "We looked at each other in disbelief, and when we looked back it was gone, just that quickly. They then drove home and all the wife could do was hold on to Jim and shake. They come over quite often to visit and typically leave around that time. The son claims, "I've seen a lot of them now." A few weeks ago I saw another one. It was a regular typical disc. It was over by Lake Estes, but this one didn't scare us like this last sighting!" " My son actually said, "I'm going to get guns; I'm going to be ready." Thanks to or visit my website (Center For Extraordinary Explorations) at:
PARKER CANYON -- On Friday night, October 27, 2000, a friend of mine and his family saw a very large boomerang craft being accompanied or followed by a fighter jet. The sighting took place in the Parker Canyon area about 30 miles from Sonoita, not too far away from Fort Huachuca Base. The boomerang was as large as a football field with greenish/blue and white lights. It looked like it had a cockpit at front. It made no sound at all. Both craft went around the area twice and the sighting lasted about 10 minutes. Thanks to Jilaen Sherwood, Tucson .
CALAMA IN NORTE GRANDE -- The appearance of a strange luminous object caused a commotion in several communities of the Second Region. A strong blast and the power of the vehicle's lights have caused physical distress in some witnesses. The unidentified flying object (UFO) was detected October 19, 2000, at around 22:00 hours, according to residents of Chiu-Chiu, a location some 40 kilometers away from Calm. Local residents claimed that the very bright luminous object gave off flashes of different colors and came close to the town's school. Hanging in midair, the device cast its light upon a female student and a staff worker for some three minutes. A sudden flash turned nighttime into day. The woman and the girl are reporting sensations of dizziness and intense pain in their eyes. The event was corroborated by at least half a dozen witnesses. The second and most eloquent UFO crossed over the rural settlement at a medium altitude around 22:00 hours, to the surprise of a large number of locals. "Suddenly, a thing the size of a junior soccer field passed [overhead], lighting the entire town and stopping for some two or three seconds and appeared to continue in a southward direction. We then heard a tremendous noise, like an earthquake, but nothing moved. "Thanks to. Institute of Hispanic Ufology. For the translation Diario "El Mercurio" Valparaiso, Chile; Gloria Coluchi
Last weeks article discussed the possibility that ancient writings concerning various fairy lore and abductions may be based in truth. The Druids were a great, far-reaching priesthood who ruled over a people known as the Celts who probably originated Halloween. Joni Ferris wrote, Researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee who has searched for logical answers states, "The 'medical examination' to which abductees are said to be subjected, often accompanied by sadistic sexual manipulation," ---Joni said, "Vallee's characterization of the work being "sadistic" can only be the result of preconceived notions. In my contact experience, I was saved. I was in a hospital suffering from pneumonia for six weeks and NOTHING - absolutely NO antibiotics were working on me. The specialists were trying Penicillin after Penicillin. Then one day I was "taken up" through the ceiling and "blacked out." When I came back I was in bed and my fever broke and the pneumonia was gone. But then I have heard case after case of people being hurt, from abduction. So there is both good and bad! We don't know what the (ET?) researchers are trying to accomplish. In other words, the work may appear to be "sadistic" in the way an emergency medical team, performing a lifesaving operation, if not properly recognized and understood, could be considered sadistic.
Similarly, Vallee's statement, that many ET events are 'absurd' also strike me as an egocentric characterization. "It makes no sense in a sophisticated or technical framework: Any intelligent being equipped with the scientific marvels that UFOs possess would be in a position to achieve any of these alleged scientific objectives in a shorter time and with fewer risks." " Confrontations" This statement is so tunnel vision and egotistical as to be utterly unscientific. Only by knowing the intentions of the actors, and the details of their system, can any such determination be made. Joni has an email list for abductees/contactees/ support forum. Contact Joni to join. Thanks to Joni at
Editor' Note: There is evidence that the aliens conduct activities that appear either good and evil to the abductee. Several persons have told me they have been healed during an abduction. I have a hunch the aliens conduct their operations based on what is beneficial to them rather than for our benefit. If they have healed you, they may feel you are important to them. Dr. Valle was trying to point out that the UFO stories have a remarkable similarity to the fairy-faith of Celtic countries. Halloween apparently goes back to the time of the Druids some 2000 years ago, when there was widespread belief among all peoples concerning entities whose physical and psychological descriptions are very similar to abduction accounts by aliens today. The Roman conquerors of England at that time even carried shields with symbols that could be interpreted as a UFO with lightning striking out from its fuselage. Since the Druids did not leave their own written records, we have only the Roman and later the Christian writings that tell what the Druids were like.
Jerry Rolwes the Washington State Director MUFON is helping us look into the contrail mystery. He writes, "A friend here in Spokane, Herb Wagner is a retired USAF SMSgt who spent over twenty years in weather. I asked him if he had knowledge of contrails and he said he did. He said that conning or vapor trails occur normally between 20 to 40 thousand feet. He said that depending on weather aloft winds and humidity conning can actually start as low as 15,000 feet. I asked him about time trails remain before they break up. I told him of the day last week here in Spokane when trails would remain from horizon to horizon. He said that was NOT unique, but representative of VERY calm winds aloft. He said winds will deteriorate contrails rapidly. I also told him of the three trails which ultimately spread from horizon to horizon in their "width." Again, this is representative of calm winds aloft. The one I was particularly interested in remained for the better part of thirty to forty minutes which I have seen occur in Washington and Iowa State many, many times in my life going as far back in my memories as 1957. Thanks to Jerry Rowles.
Dale Hinchey writes, I have been observing contrails since I was six years old. The contrails were exceedingly white and thick October 22, 2000, also it was clear that they were sometimes pulsing from one side on one aircraft, as if someone had been switching a feed line on and off to unclog it. These were configured like spray craft , at a lower altitude than others, with higher spotters to see further ahead of the sprayers, past the curvature of the horizon. I saw high craft descend to observe a spray craft. I saw the contrails side by side, and it was if the generators were being inspected by the descended aircraft, with subsequent pulses as if one contrail feed was being turned on and off. The texture of the contrails were exceedingly different. The "spray " contrails lasted hours while the non "spray" craft contrails disappeared after a few minutes. I was raised in New Brunswick where spray craft operations against the spruce budworm were conducted every year flying off dirt strips , Grumman hellcats, spotters and the whole nine yards. I have a lot of experience observing spray formations and how they are organized. In my opinion this was a coverage formation, although they could have been flying a photographic run of terrain, but the formation was not that rigid in its configuration, as it would have to be.
This was a massive flight of aircraft. That is 18 aircraft in a parallel band of contrails across a 30 or 40 mile band of space. This is not a strategic aircraft formation. It is a coverage formation. There were photos taken of the eastern edge of the contrails by Phil M. who was on a bike ride and happened to have his digital camera. I was driving up I-93 and drove under the whole pattern as in was happening. Even if the aircraft were just simply being ferried from one military base to another, it was a massive simultaneous movement. SAC base at Loring , Maine and our Air National Guard base in Burlington have been closed. I cannot imagine why there would be such a massive movement of commercial aircraft. It is indeed a curiosity. I cannot say what type of aircraft these were for sure, some had what appeared to be double contrails while higher aircraft had what appeared to be a single contrail. The contrails were too white (and thick/dense) right out of the engines. I am puzzled by the whole thing and if they are not spray aircraft, then what are they? I work in a school and coincidentally, many more students than usual came to class coughing their lungs out on Monday (Spraying on Sunday), one can see the ups and downs of colds in 600 students in morning assembly each day. Thanks to Dale Hinchey
Editor's Note: Respected men from both sides of the contrail or chemtrail controversy give their opinions. Nintyfive percent of the seem to be contrails. There are a small number of incidents that remain unsolved.
Robert Collins writes: Please see below email/letter written to me by a Thomas Mack on February 18, 1999: Tom Mack was only 51 years old when he died of a stroke last month or in September 2000: Up to February of 1999, I'd never heard of a Thomas Mack, and unfortunately, I never did get the chance to meet him: But, all my other contacts who did know him said he was a great guy! Also, Tom never knew that I already knew some of the people he referred me to: So, with permission from my sources I'm releasing this letter/email to the public: May Tom Mack rest in peace. See:< /FONT>
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MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative reports subscribe by contacting Mention I recommended you for membership. Filer's Files is copyrighted 2000 by George A. Filer, all rights reserved. Readers may post items from the files on their Web Sites provided that they credit the newsletter and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item appeared. Caution: Most of these are initial reports and require further investigation. These reports and comments are not necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint. Send your letters to Sending mail automatically grants permission for us to publish and use your name. Please state if you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential.
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Glad to see you back Charlie!

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NOT good to see you back Charlie. We were able to have normal discussuions while you were gone, and the peace was superb. Please crawl back under your rock and take your schizoid alter-ego personality Batsy Betsy with you.

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