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So, what's the coolest thing in your backyard. (I do define backyard somewhat liberally, since the Nimitz is not *quite* directly behind me.)

-- Sarah (, November 02, 2000


Umm... I guess if you're being really liberal, Ft. Eustis is in my backyard. :)

-- Katie (, November 02, 2000.

Hmmm.....a nuclear warhead? Just kidding, I actually have a rather dull backyard. My dog is probably the coolest thing back there.

-- Beth (, November 02, 2000.

I have a cement pond in my back yard. I hated it at first, but now it's pretty cool. Considering the yard is consisted of grass and the cement pond, nothing else. Grass isn't that cool or abnormal, but a cement pond?

-- Kristin (, November 04, 2000.

The bodies of all of my enemie......oops, I mean flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.

-- Mikey G. (, November 07, 2000.

Well, I once saw a possum in my backyard... it hissed at me so I threw a water bottle at it and chased it away... does that count?

-- the master of disaster (, November 15, 2000.

Da' ghetto, don't ya' know?

-- Casheeish the Etraordinary (, February 13, 2001.

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