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Question: Is it true Joe Leiberman is running for both the VP position and the Senate seat from his homestate at the same time. Sound like he doesn't have much confidence in Gore if he is.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, November 01, 2000


I don't live in Leiberman's state, but yes, that is what was reported on national news. I guess he just wants to hedge his bets.

-- Green (, November 02, 2000.

Huh...doesn't sound as if he is terribly confident of the outcome of the nat'l election. Wonder what he figures to do if he wins BOTH...?

-- Leann Banta (, November 02, 2000.

Yes, it's true, but he won't even debate his opponent, who recently had a debate with a "cutout" figure of Lieberman.

-- Christina W. (, November 02, 2000.

Christina that is the funniest thing I've heard lately. Somebody better vote for that guy. It takes a sense of humor to handle Washington. I hope Lieberman loses both elections. That is completely ridiculous.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit Farm (, November 02, 2000.

Ken, I'm here in Joe's state, and I gotta agree with you that he doesn't seem too confident in his running mate - otherwise, why wouldn't he quit the Senate race? As far as his opponent here in the Nutmeg state, well, let's just say that a vote of "none of the above" oughta be an option. He is running his campaign on plain foolishness - a cardboard cutout, indeed! Embarassing, IMHO.

The crying shame of it all, is the flip-flop Joe has done since being tapped on the shoulder for the V.P. - he was one of the few (very few) Dems in office who showed a glimmer of sense and reasonable-ness (when in doubt, make 'em up as ya go along, eh, Al?). Sigh.

-- Judi in CT (, November 02, 2000.

Yes Joe is the most undecided voter in the country. I wonder if he wins both can he vote as a senator to tie an issue then as vice president cast the decideing vote? Maybe he just wants to make sure he gets both pensions after all being in the know he is aware that the social security for the rest of us is a dream in the sky especially when you think how unstable the stock market is while all that retirement money is going in what is going to happen when people retire and want some back? gail

-- gail missouri ozarks (, November 02, 2000.

I don't believe he would be able to serve as both senator and VP. Perhaps he lacks faith in Gore's campaign and ability to be elected. Or perhaps he is just afraid Gore will jump up and change VP's after the election. I believe he can change his VP until the VP is sworn in in January. Maybe he's just heard the same rumor that I have-- that, if elected, Gore will drop Lieberman and name Clinton as his VP. After all, Clinton has already announced that after Gore is elected, he will still be around the White House a lot--It'll be like electing him to a third term!!! (JUST what we need.)

-- Green (, November 05, 2000.

Find it difficult to believe that there's any way Gore thinks he could get away with appointing Clinton his VP, if it is possible. I can't believe Gore's a Clinton fan and I doubt the Demo party could believe it would be good, for any reason, to force Gore into that decision. Probably just a rumor to frighten more people not to vote for Gore.

-- commom sense (, November 06, 2000.

ROFLMAO! Good one!!

-- sheepish (, November 06, 2000.

Actually, the best story is the Missouri one: voting for a dead governor posthumously and electing his wife by proxy. I haven't heard of that one for a while. btw, I am NOT making light of the tragedy of his death, but just making an observation on how elections can be quite creative.

I believe it is not uncommon for officials to run in multi-level elections.

-- sheepish (, November 06, 2000.

Lieberman won his congressional seat. Wonder which job he will take should Gore somehow manage to pull out the prez election?

Or maybe he can just hold both jobs at once? Something to think on here.

-- Cindy Lawson (, November 08, 2000.

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