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George W. Bush went AWOL. That is a Federal offense. The RNC covering up for him and lying about his it constitutes a Federal offense. George W. Bush lied in his autobiography about going AWOL.

I realise his going AWOL is not considered near as bad a crime as lying about a sexual act like Bill Clinton did. *smirk* By the way, this has been common knowledge on the internet for over a year. The biased media has chosen to ignore it.

Now, who's the lier? Who has been embellishing on the truth? The RNC has known about this and covered it up, while twisting and spinning what Al Gore said and acusing him of not being able to tell the truth. Why should anyone believe any of the spin the RNC has been producing about any of the Democratic candidates?



Tucson, Arizona Tuesday, 24 October 2000

Bush's service record

It clearly is a coordinated campaign, but this newspaper has received dozens if not hundreds of e-mail letters from throughout the nation expressing outrage at the fact that (1) Texas Gov. George W. Bush did not fulfill his National Guard obligation in the early 1970s and that (2) the press has failed to disclose this shirking of duty. The Texas governor's response to the charge is that he basically can't remember what he did for a year of his life. That compels us to agree with the critics and attempt to reveal what we know from other published sources.

It was the Boston Globe that first reported that Bush had not fulfilled a year's obligatory duty in the Texas Air National Guard. In following up on that report, an Iowa farmer obtained 200 pages of Bush's service record and wrote a piece for the watchdog website, ( Marty Heldt examined Bush's service chronology after Bush's enlistment in the Texas Air National Guard. Heldt found:

"His first year, a period of extensive training, young Bush is credited with serving 226 days. In his second year in the Guard, Bush is shown to have logged a total of 313 days. After Bush got his wings in June 1970 until May 1971, he is credited with a total of 46 days of active duty. From May 1971 to May 1972, he logged 22 days of active duty.

"Then something happened. From May 1, 1972 until April 30, 1973 - a period of twelve months - there are no days shown, though Bush should have logged at least thirty-six days service (a weekend per month in addition to two weeks at camp).

"I found out that for the first four months of this time period, when Bush was working on the U.S. Senate campaign of Winton Blount in Alabama, that he did not have orders to be at any unit anywhere."

In May of 1972 Bush applied for orders to transfer to an Alabama guard unit. The Alabama unit approved the transfer, but Bush was never issued orders. An evaluation report of Bush by his supervisors noted that Bush had been transferred to an air guard unit at Dannelly Air Force Base near Montgomery, Ala. When Bush's orders were finally issued to report at Dannelly, he did not show.

"Both Bush and his aides have made numerous statements to the effect that Bush fulfilled all of his guard obligations," Heldt wrote. "They point to Bush's honorable discharge as proof of this. But the records indicate that George W Bush missed a year of service.

This lack of regular attendance goes against the basic concept of a National Guard kept strong by citizen soldiers who maintain their skills and preparedness through regular training."

Since the Boston Globe and Heldt's accounts have appeared, the online magazine and The New Republic have taken note of Bush's missing year.

The letters concerning the media coverup of Bush's military record are strident. For example: "George W. Bush is campaigning on issues of character, 'restoring integrity to the Oval Office,' strengthening the military, and honesty. But Bush's shamefully incomplete military record - and his endlessly repeated lies about that record - reveal the truth about George W. Bush."

The argument that Bush completed his military obligation will remain a simple, unfounded assertion until Bush explains what he did between May of 1972 and May of 1973. ************ Just in case you think this is just is just false spin...

So, while the media generally have sat on this explosive story, it's been pretty well documented that George W. Bush never showed up for National Guard duty for a period of approximately one year in 1972-1973. Personally, I've never served in the military; my praise and gratitude go out to those who have made the sacrifice to do so. But I think there should always be consequences to not meeting your commitments. In the military, it's called AWOL - absent without leave - and is a pretty serious offense. Plus, despite all the talk about "honor and dignity," Bush won't come clean about it now.

When will someone demand answers from the Bush campaign about this, and what will the Bush campaign say?

Why does the Bush campaign refuse to release his military records, as both Senator John McCain and President Clinton have done?

Application for Reserve Assignment with the 9921st Air Reserve Squadron, Montgomery, Alabama.

Dated May 24, 72. This would have been a reassignment from the 111 Fighter Intercepter Squadron Texas National Guard, to the 9921st Air Reserve Squadron, without pay.

Request to perform ANG duty in Montgomery, Alabama for Sept., Oct., and Nov. 1972.

Letter from G.W. Bush to Lt. Col. Killian on Sept. 5, 1972

Letter of approval to perform ANG duty in Montgomery, Alabama for Oct., and Nov. 1972 (weekend drills each of two months).

Says Bush has permission from the Alabama ANG unit to train there (weekend drills each of two months) and should report to Lt. Col William Turnipspeed (looks like) Deputy Commanding Officer.

It's signed by Capt. Lott, Alabama ANG Personnel and 2nd Lt. McCutchin, Alabama ANG Air Admin & Tag Officer. It's apparently to the Tactical Air Group, Alabama, and the Tactical Air Group, Texas, Identifying the specific shipping and receiving units.

Bush's Officer Effectiveness Report 5/1/72 - 4/30/73 (page 1)

Says he's a fighter interceptor pilot whose performance was " Not Observed" during the rating period.

Bush's Officer Effectiveness Report 5/1/72 - 4/30/73 (page 2)

Explains that the reason Bush's performance wasn't observed is because he moved to Alabama (to take a job as a political Campaign Manager), and that he'd done "equivalent training" albeit "in a non flying status" with the 187th Tactical Recon Group. (signatures dated 2, May 73).

Notice of Missing or Correction of Officer Effectiveness Training Report (for period 5/1/72 - 4/30/73)

Says Bush should have been reassigned because he'd not performed his Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC), since May of 1972. Which means he hadn't been a pilot since then. And goes on to say he hadn't trained with his Texas unit since then. This form's dated July 73.

Supplemental Sheet to Air Force Form 77 (the above pages)

Says Bush was just plain not "rated" (not evaluated) from May 1, 1972 through April 30, 1973; that "a report for this period not available."

Chronological Listing of Service (for a 6 year commitment)

As of May 26 69 - 226 days

As of May 26 70 - 313 days

As of May 26 71 - 43 days as 2nd Lt. - 3 days as 1st Lt

As of May 26 72 - 22 days

As of May 26 73

Date of Separation Tex Air National Guard, Oct. 1 1973 with a total of 607 days of service.

Record transfered to AF Personnel Records Center, Denver, Co 2 Oct. 73.

The listing of service doesn't show any service between May 26, 1972 and Bush's separation on 1 Oct. 1973.

Time Magazine: Is There a Double Standard?

He's never had to give a straightforward answer on cocaine or on why there's no record of him showing up for National Guard duty in Alabama.

Credits to Martin Heldt - for all documents.

-- Cherri (, November 01, 2000


Even if you are a Bush-basher, welcome back Cherri.

-- Lars (, November 01, 2000.

Yessss!!!! Hi Cherri, its good to c ya...

Keep on Bush Whacking Babe!!!!!!


-- consumer (, November 01, 2000.


-- Lush Rimbaugh (damn dubya @ is a. traitor!), November 01, 2000.

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