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Bush gave $45 million in tax breaks to big oil corporations in Texas. Why do companies that make so much money need corporate welfare taken from taxpayer dollars that were supposed to be used for health care and education?

Look at how much they pay their CEO's

Do these kinds of companies deserve our money just because they are good friends with the Shrub?

-- (sheeesh@he's.unbelievable), October 31, 2000

Answers mean this?:

Texas employers get a tax break for giving the unemployed or underemployed a break of their own through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit.

Large and small companies can take advantage of the programs that reduce federal income tax liability when they hire employees from qualifying groups. The companies send applications to the Texas Workforce Commission's WOTC/WtW Unit, which reviews and approves qualifying requests that are submitted within 21 days of each new employee's start date.

-- Geez! (Sheesh@giveit.arest!), October 31, 2000.

Problem is they AREN'T hiring employees, they're LAYING THEM OFF!

-- (, November 01, 2000.

Large and small companies can take advantage of the programs that reduce federal income tax liability when they hire employees from qualifying groups...

But there's the rub. What IS a "qualifying group" by Uncle Sugar's definition? (It obviously sure as hell ain't ME.)

-- Stupid Questions Department (We're All@Getting.Screwed), November 01, 2000.

It all depends on how you define "Affirmative Action." If it means what I just said that I thought I was for, then I'm for it, but if it doesn't mean something that I thought I said that I was for when I said that I was for it, then I'm not for it. Capiche?

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), November 01, 2000.

THAT answers a VERY important question that has bothered me for the longest time!!! Capiche is spelled with a che, NOT sh! Thanks, hmm.

-- Bingo1 (, November 01, 2000.

Vice President Al GoreBs Alliance With Occidental Petroleum Has Also Been Very Profitable.

In 1973, Occidental sold Al Gore, Sr., 88 acres of pastureland and a 2,100-square foot house in Carthage, Tennessee for $80,000, and, in a separate transaction, the mineral rights to that land for $80,000. The elder Gore then subsequently leased the mineral rights back to Occidental for "$20,000 in the first year, $10,000 annually for the next three years, and $20,000 for each year after that." The elder Gore then kept OccidentalBs first payment of $20,000 and sold the property to his son for $140,000, $60,000 of which was for the mineral rights lease and $80,000 of which was for the house and land, which remains the Vice PresidentBs legal residence. (Bill Turque, Inventing Al Gore, 2000, p. 105-106) OccidentalBs payments to Al Gore eventually totaled $190,000 by the time it sold its mineral rights lease in the 1980s. OccidentalBs successors have continued to pay Gore $20,000 per year since the sale. (Micah Morrison, "Vetting the Frontrunners II: Albert Gore Jr. Occidental and Oriental Connections," The Wall Street Journal, September 29, 1999) "In total, Mr. Gore has earned $500,000 from zinc royalties.". (Micah Morrison, "Al Gore, Environmentalist and Zinc Miner," The Wall Street Journal, June 29, 2000) In addition, the younger Gore is the executor of a trust fund for his mother, Pauline, that contains Occidental stock valued at between $500,001 and $1,000,000. Gore stands to inherit this stock upon his motherBs death. (Al GoreBs Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report, May 25, 1999, p. 6)

-- um (believe@this.pal), November 01, 2000.

Did you ever notice when you made more money, you rarely saved it, you spent it.

-- The Economy (, November 01, 2000.

Yes, I've noticed ^^^^^

Ah hell, I caint take it with me, so might as well spend it here.

-- consumer (, November 01, 2000.

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