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What trends have you been a part of... or hated?! I was mad keen on roller blades, yo-yos, card tricks (inspired by personalityless David Blaine) and Tamagotchis, but as for Furbies and Star Wars - what's the deal there?!

-- Tim (, October 30, 2000


I haven't been into very many fads within the last couple of years. But when I was little there was the whole barbie thing that was really popular. But I haven't heard very much about barbie lately, so I'm guessing that it isn't quite as popular as it used to be. My little 8 year old sister doesn't even want one!

I was never into like, baseball cards, or trading cards of any kind. My little siblings get into those kinds of things really easily. My borther must have spent over $400 on pokemon cards within the last year and a half. I think that is so stupid! why buy all these cards when they are just going to sit in a binder and rot?!?

I hated all the star wars stuff, yeah. I thought Jar-Jar was gay, so why would anyone want to buy the little action figures? I think it's a lot easier for kids to get into fads and trends because they are so impressionable.

yeah. that's my two cents...

-- Jessica (, October 31, 2000.

Anybody remember slap bracelets, or whatever they were called? The cloth-covered metal deals that were straight, and then you hit it on your wrist and it would curl around it? Those were the bomb when I was like, 7.

-- Katie (, November 01, 2000.

Looks like it doesnt take much to amuse little Katie...

Anyhow, I dont go for fads.. they are a waste of money and time. God, do I sound old.. anyhow, they are. Okay, back to the rocking chair... now there's a fad worth keepin.

~Greg @

-- Greg (, November 01, 2000.

Yeah, I totally remember the slap bracelets! those were so cool. they had all the different styles and colors and patterns and stuff. Yeah.

Greg, yer not THAT old.

-- Jessica (, November 01, 2000.

I had slap bracelets too, some in very lovely shades of magenta and lime green. Ha. What a trendy fifth grader I was. I heard that slap bracelets were (ugh) coming back in style, especially among ravers.

I never really followed much else. I bought a pair of Birkenstocks before they were trendy, and I still wear them after everyone else has traded theirs in for flip flops (a really dumb trend on my campus that I don't understand a bit).

My sister, however, loves following kiddie trends (though she's seventeen). She had her share of virtual pets, a Furby, and a gigantic stash of Beanie Babies, which she swears she is going to sell one day to help her with college tuition.

-- Laurie (, November 02, 2000.

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