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I had seen a neighbor use a paint roller to clean the rust from his sidewalk. It sure looked easier to do than using a pressure sprayer.

So this time I tried that and my was it easier & quicker and it used far less Rust-Aid than the other method.

I had also, adjusted the nozzels on my sprinkler heads, there is a little screw on the top. Just tighten them down and they will put out less water, thus not spraying on your sidewalk. I was not very happy on how the sprinklers were laid out on my lawn; there should be a set of sprinkler heads near the sidewalk facing inwards, not some in the middle spraying the sidewalk.

Don Hollen had pointed out that Windmill Sprinkler sells oxalic acid, the main ingredient in rust-aid, for 5lbs for $7.50 - this is enough to make 10 gallons! Directions Atlantic west of the turnpike, west of one mile road on north side before the light [441]. This is a great place, wish I knew about it long ago - more stuff than home-despot. They also repair pumps [pool and sprinkler], but you gotta bring yours to them.

-- (, October 29, 2000


You can get a sample of a generic Snow Cap from Don Holden @ 994.0753. This is the powder version of Rust Aid.

-- (, November 14, 2000.

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