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Please pardon my ignorance, I frequent another board on the LUSENET system, and saw this message forum and was curious. I live in the US, and only speak english. What does the word Garuda mean in english? Thanks for taking the time to read this message!

-- Lisa Shock (, October 29, 2000


Wouldn't you like to know what 'Cinta' is? Or you've already known it? Cinta means love...and loving Garuda means a lot to us. If you'd like to know more about our language (it's spoken by more than 150 million people) Feel free to contact me.

-- Indra W (, October 30, 2000.

The word of Garuda stands for Eagle in English and is also used for the name of the Indonesian National carrier called Garuda-Indonesia Airlines. As you are living on the other side of the world, your ignorance is excused. ^_^ This message forum is an unofficial forum used by Garuda Indonesia AirCrew Staff, friends and others who are concerned about Garuda Indonesia to discuss work related topics, such as Safety,Service etc.

I hope the above answers your question, if you require further information or have comments, feel free to write.

-- Andreas Stiller (, October 29, 2000.

Garuda means . . long line in a check-in counter at the airport, delayed flight, lousy service, expensive tickets . . Gabbish ?

-- Adhie (, November 22, 2001.

An english translation of Garuda???? It is not an english name. It is either originating in India or Bali, and is a deity of sorts, I am researching this at this time and have found reference to Krishna riding on a Garuda, explained as King of All Birds.

-- joe taylor (, July 02, 2002.

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