enlarging with CN400

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Great to shoot with CN 400 but i cannot get good enlargements with this film :contrast is poor and definition mediocre. I enlarge small dimention (9/13 cm ) with Minox enlarger, low intensity and condensor on. Can anyone help ?? filter to be use ? Thanks philippe

-- philippe petitgas (petitgas@pacific.net.sg), October 29, 2000


Philippe, I'm sure there's a wealth of info on this over at www.photo.net in the forum; If not check the Lusenet category of Printing and Finishing. You can also try the Large Format Lusenet category. From what I have read, many feel the XP2 is a better material to work with and gives better results. I shoot TCN and have it enlarged, and it comes out beautiful on Oriental Seagull matte. Wish I could help you otherwise.

-- Wayne Crider (waynec@apt.net), October 29, 2000.

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