Going to New York in November?

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Stay away from big fancy hotels and crowded areas, Bin baby is coming to town...

New York Post: Manhattan hotels have received terrorist threats

Shlomo Shamir, Ha'aretz Correspondent

The New York Post has reported that Federal Bureau of Investigation offices in New York have received warnings of possible attempts to carry out terrorist attacks in public places in the New York metropolitan area, including hotels.

The warning was sent to the New York offices from the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. after information was received about a group of Palestinians planning to carry out a series of attacks in New York hotels, as well public places such as Times Square. According to the information gathered, the group is planning to operate in the first half of November.

The New York Post reported today that hotels in Manhattan have recently received anonymous letters, which included threats of attacks. The letters arrived at the hotels five days after the attack on the USS Cole in the Aden port in Yemen.

Among the hotels warned were the Marriott Marquis on Broadway and the Sheraton on Seventh Avenue. The Javitz Convention Center also received such warnings.

The anonymous letters have been passed along to FBI agents. According to the New York Post, the warnings from Washington stressed the suspicion that the threats had come from a group of Palestinians.

-- bite the big apple (don't mind @ the. maggots), October 29, 2000


Fukum. If that's the town for our next I'll be there.

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), October 29, 2000.

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