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I tried to put all of my comments on other posts, but I absolutely loved this episode and have many thoughts, so I apologize ahead of time for this being long.

First, as I adore Carter, I don't want to give the impression that I only enjoyed this show so much because I appreciated the constant return to his character throughout the episode, but I *really* enjoyed it. Though ever since February there have been constant "Carter is overwhelmed" camera shots, I love them, and I loved how they panned the ER after he looked around, giving us his feeling. THANK YOU for the welcome back to Carter...I loved Lily hugging him and i had to watch it twice to see that Chuni stood up a second to give him one too. (although Deb couldn't have given him one!) And I loved that Malluchi was the first to give him a warm welcome. I love that Malluchi missed him. Carter definetly has his friends there. Except Cleo...although I don't really mind because he does need some conflict, although I am never gonna like poor Cleo at this rate. She is worse than last year. I loved how sudden ELizabeth and Mark stopped and greeted Carter...Elizabeth always respects him and Mark was trying his best to be uplifting and optimistic. And he offered him his locker :) The only thing that got me was I wish he had been more excited about their announcement. He wasn't excited at all, though I guess he's just too nervous around Mark. But then, Mark is nervous around him..."ready to rock and roll!" Oh, Mark.

I loved the constant checking on Carter w/ Abby, Deb, and Mark. I expected a little more from Kerry, but that's alright. Abby and Deb were perfect in how they helped him with what he couldn't do without a second thought. I am guessing that not everyone knows where he was, or no?

This reminded me of the old episodes. Even the guy with the "vulcan" ears...Abby and Deb reminded me of Carol and was very "season 1-ish".

The comments were wonderful. THey never stopped and I don't think that I was disappointed throughout the whole episode. Romano was hysterical, as jerky as he was...I'm sorry, I love Carter, but Romano's dead stare at him and the anticipation I could sense in Carter was fun to watch. One day I hope Carter and Romano go at it, because Carter is way too afraid of him. His drug store cowboy comment was too much, but I'm sorry it is funny. From Carter, to Kerry, to Chen, he just didn't stop..."Did you even take the hypocratic oath?"..."I had my fingers crossed."

Everything was just pretty much right on. Mark actually defending Malluchi to Elizabeth...their professional relationship is wonderful. Though I see no one takes it personally, as Malluchi and Elizabeth got along fine during the trauma. Mark is pretty delightful right now, I am not looking forward to his (SPOILER) upsetting news. Abby *was* cute with Luka, though I don't want to see them get together.

Malluchi was great all the way through. I think it's hysterical how much Kerry depends on him to take care of the messy situations..."Do you want me to get him out Chief?" "Please." It's ironic how much he messes up but still she seems to like him (considering she hated Doug for this)...remember Homecoming...she was pretty worried when he got knocked down. Though it seems Dave is taking over for Carter's constant falling and slipping. Also, I loved Malluchi's feet up onthe desk, and Carter just shoving them over slightly.

Last thing...poor Carter has to pee in front of Mark...well I guess it was Carter's turn for the infamous men's urinal shot. I didn't even notice the sound of it at the very end until I saw it a few times. Overall, I am relieved to see that Mark is being supportive...I was worried. Okay, that's all, I think I've gone on enough about how wonderful everything went into place. I would love to hear from others.

-- Elaine (, October 28, 2000


I really like your comparison between aspects of this episode with season 1. I think there were moments in this episode that reminded me of why I started watching ER in the first place. Did you notice how much more interaction there was between the staff? I think this is a great contrast compared to previous seasons. I also liked the way that people were checking up on Carter, particulary Abby. Abby was great at just asking Carter how he was doign without making a huge deal about it. These scenes could have potentially been completely overdone, and in previous seasons probably would have been. I'm glad to see that they weren't. I was also glad that Carter shared his feelings with's nice to know that he's talking to someone. Abby and Luka were great, and I am looking forward to seeing more of them. Another nice adult relationship :) One of the reasons that I object to a Carter and Abby pairing is because they make such good friends, which is still something ER needs badly. They kind of have a Susan/Carter type friendship. I was hoping to see Carter and Benton interact (by the way I wish Carter and Benton were on first names....come on already Peter flew all the way to Atlanta with him...they are not student and teacher anymore!) While big traumas happen, as I viewer I'd take the vulcan ears guy over Mark doing some great surgical procedure. I guess I'm just more into seeing the minor procedures or the difficult to diagnose cases. Finally, I realize that the cast is larger now, but I really miss Haleh, Connie, Chuni, Yosh etc. I know that they are physically back, but when we only hear four words out of them each episode it doesn't feel like it. Just my 64 cents.

-- Emma (, October 28, 2000.

Elaine, I really have to agree with you for all of your comments. This was definatly a delightful and sweet episode, and I'm so happy that Mark is happy (at least for right now, anyway). I too, was dissapointed when there was no interaction between Carter and Benton. After last season, I expected them to be good friends, but no, seeing from the last episode where Carter calls him Dr. Benton, I think it's just going to be professional:( There was only one scene in this episode that I didn't really like. The last three seconds of the urinal scene, I mean, I understand the urinal scene, and how both Mark and Carter were uncomfortable, but did we really need the "piddiling" at the end of it? I don't think so.


-- Amy (, October 29, 2000.

Carter always call Peter Dr. Benton or Benton. As for not much reaction. IMHO the whole thing with no interaction probably has to do with Cater being ( i don't want to say embarrased) about the condition that Peter saw him in and they way he had punched him at the end of last season. Don't know. Just a thought.

-- James (, October 29, 2000.

I agree with all of your comments! I love Carter too, and from the first scene with the sunglasses, I knew I was going to like him in this episode. I liked the fact that while Carter seemed comfortable with going back to work, he had his wins and his losses on his first day back. Sure, he was welcomed back (and sweetly by Lily, and even Dave), but his restrictions certainly were restricting. I loved when he explained "Weaver won't let me use any instruments". The tone of voice showed his frustration, but his willingness to comply.

I think that so far, this season of ER is one of the funniest yet. It seems that all three episodes of season seven have had elements of humor that mirror season one. This one especially, with the strange patients. The Vulcan ear patient reminded me of the one with the arrow in his head in season one, so obviously injured but so undisturbed by it.

I am really starting to like Malucci. All of a sudden, I'm find Erik Palladino to be rather cute, and I like that Malucci seems to be rude and blunt, but he's also caring for his patients (at least more so than last season) and is very funny. He certainly is the comic relief. He's been great, and this episode was definetly a good one!

-- Joanne (, October 29, 2000.

I really enjoyed your comments, Elaine. I loved the fact that Carter was so prominently featured in this episode. I especially loved his interactions with Deb, Abby and Dave. I think that this is the start of good friendships between the four of them. There were just a few things that bothered me about this episode. One was Cleo's reaction to Carter. What is her problem? I'm sorry, but I can't stand her character. The second thing was Romano's firing of Peter. Come on, Rocket. How many times do you think you can violate rules before you get caught? Let's hope that he actually suffers consequences for his actions this time. And finally, I just can't see Abby and Luka together. A lot of people fussed when Mark and Elizabeth were put together, but at least we got to see them interact more before they got together. I just don't understand the kiss. Abby commented to Carol about how good-looking Luka was on her first episode in the ER, but she has never seemed particularly attracted to him. With Carter, on the other hand, she has always had chemistry. Oh, well. All in all, I was very happy with the episode.

-- Katrina (, October 30, 2000.

I agree, Elaine. I've really liked every epi this season and think ER is coming back strong. What a typical Romano comment -- having his fingers crossed when taking the Hippocratic Oath!! ;-)

-- Cindy (, October 30, 2000.

Elaine, I loved this episode, too. There just can't be too much Romano for me....I love this character. He is so thoroughly and unremitantly evil!! What a wonderful job Paul Macrane does. I also liked the little spin Carter did when telling Abby "Actually, it sucks! Weaver won't let me do anything!". That, and the sunglass shot at the beginning. I'm not surprised Jing-mei was able to conceal her pregnancy until this point. An oversized, buttoned lab coat (hers was unbuttoned this week) can hide a pregnancy for a very long time, at least 7-8 months in the case of one woman I knew. Ming Na is one of those women who absolutely glow when they are pregnant. I think she looks beautiful. But does anyone know _why_ Malucchi's hair is blond? He looks like a circus freak, but I do enjoy his character, and hope they don't eliminate him at some point. Cleo...they can get rid of her any time. Cold, unfeeling, antagonistic, you name it, and I just don't get the relationship between her and Benton. Frankly, he and Elizabeth were more believable but I really don't feel like they've found a perfect match for Peter yet. I like seeing Mark happy. Can't it stay this way for awhile, please????

-- ELyons (, October 30, 2000.

Just some aside comments I thought I'd add to my own post...first, does anyone know what Cleo said to Carter when she first saw him? (she was rushing by with a patient and I heard her say his name, sort of questioningly).

Also, the review reminded me of a point I forgot to bring up, among the numerous things I already did!...the security guard. The reviewer commented on this and just in case anyone misses it, I thought I'd say something. Since when does *anyone* get stopped on the way to the lounge? Hell, Sobricki found his way there TWICE (once when Lucy found him and once again apparently to retrieve the knife) If anyone has been posting since February, they might remember everyone's inquiries into the improvement of security that Kerry would implement. Well this never did happened. I guess these months later something's finally been done, just a little odd to see it.

One more review comment...there is no way in the world Romano can get away with firing Benton...though, as we all know, Romano will *not* be fired and will continue to throw out those demeaning comments we love.

-- Elaine (, October 30, 2000.

Well, I know Eriq LaSalle signed a contract for another few seasons (four? I can't remember) so we know he'll find some way to come back. Gotta love Romano -- he has SUCH a Napoleon complex! And I think he's always been jealous of Peter, since Romano was interested in Elizabeth and Peter got there first!

-- Cindy (, October 31, 2000.

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