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Coffee: pure poison to our digestive tract

by Ingri Harkins

People complain to me of a variety of health problems. Most of them are aggavated by their daily coffee habit. This has come up so much lately that I simply must share how important it is for all of you out there who still drink coffee to do yourselves a favor: Quit -- -- particularly when you are sick! Have you ever had heartburn, excess gas, bloating ulcers or just plain poor digestion of your food? If you answered Byes,B and drink excessive amounts of coffee, you owe it to yourself to continue reading.

B(The caffeine, oils and acids in coffee irritate the stomach lining, which can cause excessive production of hydrochloric acid leading to a variety of digestive ailments. Decaf, which contains the same oils and acids as regular coffee as well as traces of methylene chloride, brings on the same increase in stomach acid.

B( Drinking coffee on an empty stomach produces an even greater increase in stomach acid, and can cause stomach pain almost immediately in some people.

B( Research has shown a definite link between coffee drinking and ulcers. One study of 25,000 men showed that those who drink coffee have about a 72 percent higher risk of developing ulcers than those who don't.

B( Coffee affects the lower esophageal sphincter which controls the opening between the stomach and the throat. When there is a change in the pressure of this esophageal sphincter, a reflux of stomach acid comes up into the throat causing Bheartburn.B Some people already have an abnormality in this sphincter which coffee exacerbates.

B( Coffee tends to slow down the passage of waste through the small intestine and speed it up in the large intestine.

It is not how much coffee you drink but how long you have been drinking it. If you have been drinking coffee for years, the chronic irritation of your stomach lining can lead to inflammation and pain -- even if you only drink one or two cups a day.

So you want to quit but want to avoid the withdrawals and impending headache? You may consider consulting with a naturopathic physician on this one. I used Wood Betony in capsules. Wood Betony is an herb that aids in dilating constricted blood vessels and was a great help for me when I went through a weekend of battling a caffeine headache.

As we age and have spent years eating cooked food along with poor food combining, our body's ability to produce hydrochloric acid and other digestive enzymes is greatly diminished. A lifesaver in restoring our ability to digest our foods is to make a Bvinegar cocktailB. Take one teaspoon of raw, unprocessed honey and add to it 8 ounces of warm purified water. To this mixture add 1 to 2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar. Drink this 30 minutes before your meals. It is important to swish each mouthful thoroughly so that your saliva is well mixed with the vinegar solution before you swallow. It is best to use only organic vinegar and honey. This simple solution has helped thousands overcome the above mentioned digestive complaints.

It is also important to start your meal with a salad or some other raw food and chew it thoroughly. The enzymes in raw food will be of tremendous help in improving your digestion. Dr. Christopher told his patients to chew their liquids and drink their solids which simply means that everything we put in our mouths should be chewed thoroughly and mixed with saliva before swallowing. Did you know that there is one and a half pints of saliva available for digesting each and every meal? Our bodies are truly amazing and God has given us all the tools we need to heal ourselves if we simply take the time to ask for help, listen to the answers and apply what we learn to how we live our lives.

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-- Rubber Ducky (, October 28, 2000


From the May 2000 Idaho Observer:

Water: The most understated cornerstone of good health

It has been predicted that clean, pure water will become like gold in the 21st century. Water is the basic element that interconnects the normal functions of all structures that make our bodies into a single unit of water-dependent life on land. It is the Bcash flowB of the body -- with 90 percent of our blood being composed of distilled water. Although we all know it is good for us, we often neglect drinking plenty of water through ignorance of how vitally important it is to our health.

by Ingri Harkins

Through my experience in dealing with peoples' health problems, I can safely say that most people are severely dehydrated. Drinking alcohol, soft drinks, coffee and caffeine teas only adds to the resulting dehydration in our bodies at the cellular level. The testimonies of those who have simply eliminated the above beverages from their diet and added distilled water in sufficient quantities are literally miraculous in terms of reversing serious health problems.

Aside from all the poisons contained in tap water such as chlorine and fluoride, most water contains farm chemicals and inorganic minerals that clog our arteries and put a strain on our heart and kidneys. These inorganic minerals and chemicals can collect in our joints and along our spine causing arthritis and bone spurring. Since a primary component of our blood, skin and organs is pure distilled water, it is important to replenish our bodies by drinking plenty of water daily.

In the book BYour Body's Many Cries For WaterB by F. Batmanghelidj, we are told that asthma and allergies are not diseases but rather signs of chronic dehydration. Asthma and allergy conditions are often treated with different kinds of antihistamine medications. Histamine is an important neurotransmitter that primarily regulates the thirst mechanism for increased water intake. It also establishes a system for rationing of the available water in the body during times of dehydration.

When we become dehydrated, histamine sees to it that the available water in the body is preserved and distributed to the vital parts according to the importance of its function. Increased histamine production in the lungs will cause spasm of the bronchioles. This natural spasmodic action of histamine on the bronchial tubes is part of the body's attempt to conserve water that would normally evaporate during breathing. Attacks of asthma during strenuous exercise should be viewed as a water preservation and crisis management process resulting from dehydration.

In addition, children need water for cell growth. Seventy-five percent of the cell volume during growth will have to be filled with water. This is one of the main reasons why asthma is prevalent in children who often drink caffeine-containing sodas instead of pure water.

Two years ago, my daughter had a dehydration crisis. As many of you with children know, heeding your advice often doesn't happen until they have an experience which brings home what you had been telling them. My daughter, Christie, was used to having pure, distilled water at home but would neglect to take water with her when she was away from home for long periods of time.

Christie began to develop a dry rash around her eyes that didn't go away with creams and salves. She became desperate. As a 14-year-old teenage girl looks are of primary importance. I told her that if she would simply start drinking eight glasses of water a day and take a container of water with her wherever she goes, the rash will clear up. She followed my advice, eliminated sugar and pop, drank lots of water and the rash cleared up within four days.

She learned from experience and now always travels with clean, pure drinking water.

Back in 1983, a family friend had to leave his job of many years due to severe bone spurring along his spine. I went over to see him with a couple bottles of distilled water and some concentrated, mineral-rich capsulated herbs. I insisted that he follow a simple program of eight glasses of distilled water daily with the herb capsules and Perfect 7 intestinal cleanser. Within a week, he was up and around doing simple chores. After a month, the bone spurs were completely dissolved.

The simplest way to explain this is the fact that our bodies accept inorganic minerals but cannot assimilate them. This man had developed osteoporosis and to maintain a degree of support, inorganic minerals deposited along the joints of his spine. The distilled water and herbal minerals chelated the inorganic mineral deposits out of his system and organic calcium from the herbs was able to be utilized by his bones to clear up the osteoporosis.

As you can see, the ability to distill your own drinking water is the number one step you can take to take charge of your health. Since health is truly our greatest wealth, if you do not own a distiller today, then we suggest that you take steps to own one soon.

The best way to insure that you are drinking plenty of water is to get in the habit of drinking a glass first thing in the morning, two glasses of water a half hour before each meal and another glass two hours after eating. The rewards of drinking more water are literally priceless.

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-- Rubber Ducky (, October 28, 2000.

So this means that shooting up heroin is bad for you?

-- Former Radical (, October 28, 2000.

I'm going off to work now, and while there, I'll drink a full pot of black coffee, one cup at a time. I've been doing this for years.

Maybe this article will cause enough stress to give me an ulcer.

-- dinosaur (, October 28, 2000.

Coffee enemas are excellent for detoxification especially when administered by your main squeeze. Diane S. prefers lattes enemas.


-- (, October 28, 2000.

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