What is the difference between the Chinese persecution of the Falun Gong and the US war on drug users?

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-- Tim Leary (abc@straightrecord.com), October 27, 2000


(probably too quick on the draw here, but.....)

Drug users aren't executed.


Other than that, I don't see many (any?) differences. Good point, Tim. Say, how's the afterlife been treatin' you?

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 27, 2000.

Oh there might just be a coupla differences in legal procedure. Mr Leary, would you rather be in the drug distribution business in the US or in China?

-- (DroppinAcid@Berkely.CA), October 27, 2000.


Glad to see death hasn't improved your addled brain any.

In China, you're executed if you sell drugs. Here, you're usually given a few years in prison. Seems to be a pretty big difference.

-- Jim Cooke (JJCooke@yahoo.com), October 28, 2000.

Actually Jim, while you're right, that wasn't the question. Tim asked (through a haze, no doubt) about the difference between the Chinese persecution of the Falun Gong (not drug dealers) and the US war on drug users.

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 28, 2000.


That is a purple haze, right?

-- flora (***@__._), October 28, 2000.

Yep (last I knew, anyway).

Actually found a rather interesting site on Leary here. I had forgotten about that "shooting some of his ashes into space" deal. Wonder when they came back and burned up in the atmosphere? (See the FAQ for funereal details.)

Well, I thought it was kinda interesting, anyway (but I do tend towards the warped -- certainly explains alot of things [g]).

-- Patricia (PatriciaS@lasvegas.com), October 28, 2000.

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