What Degree Of Socialism?

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What Degree Of Socialism?

Is this election about asking the American people to follow a leader to new heights? Is this election about setting new goals, such as going to the moon? Is this election about insuring or extending our freedoms? No. It's about, how much socialism do you want? (This opinion is based on the assumption that realistically either Al Gore or George Bush will be elected the next President.)

A beloved Democrat President, John Kennedy, asked of all of us, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country", remember? Now, nearly forty years later our election is about, Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you. In other words, "you" the American public have set the agenda and asked, what social program will you give ME if I vote for you? What special program will you give MY group?

What would President Kennedy think today? As a Democrat would he think that social welfare is more important than personal freedoms?

Yes, personal freedoms. A personal freedom is retaining the right to choose. (Surly all pro-choice people understand that?) However, in a society such as ours, some personal freedoms must be restricted for the good of all or the "social welfare". But we have the responsibility to retain those that keep us free. Sadly, a survey recently done showed more Americans were concerned about protecting society than personal freedoms.

So, how did we get here? How did we arrive at the brink of becoming pure socialist? We got here because you took your personal freedom to vote and chose to give up your personal freedoms one at a time, and, you ignore the fact that when the laws that are in place to protect our freedoms are broken, nothing is done about it! The socialist in this country convinced you through scare tactics that you should give up your freedom for the "social welfare" and let the State take care of you. They promised you "a chicken in every pot". They have nearly promised you that you will live forever if you just listen to them. (The smoking issue.)

One of the first freedoms I remember people willingly giving up, was the right to choose whether they would ware a seatbelt. You were convinced that you as an adult should give up that personal choice for the "social welfare". Do I think you should ware a seatbelt? Yes. Do I think it should be a law? No. I believe for those who want to be "Big Brother" they should spend their time informing you not governing you. "Big Brothers" argument for passing the law was something along the lines of: "We need to pass this law because those who don't ware seatbelts cost all of us in increased insurance rates and increased taxes to pay for those who are uninsured". My first question is, "Big Brother" why are people driving without insurance? (They could prevent that but they don't.) My second question is, "Big Brother" why are my insurance rates increased when someone else did something wrong? Answer, for the "social welfare" and "redistribution of wealth".

Less Socialism equals more Freedom. But more Freedom requires more responsibility. You have shown you don't have the stomach to handle the responsibility, so America, the time has come. Both leading candidates have stated that we are at a crossroads. They have stated they have a different philosophy, a difference of opinion. Will you choose more government and less personal freedom? How much Socialism do YOU want? Today, you still have a choice!


-- UR2Blame (UR2Blame@UPOWER.COM), October 27, 2000


I WANT maternalistic government. I want to suck at the tit of the nanny-state.

But the weaker piggies don't get none!

-- (petunia@pig.sty), October 27, 2000.

SO what,s big-bro,s name?? anyone got a clue? He,s mentioned in the BIBLE thru & thru!

do any have a clue?

-- not-suprised!! (dogs@zianet.com), October 29, 2000.

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