Looking for 3 copies of "Jazzonia"

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Dear Bill,

I was trying to order 3 additional copies of the "Jazzonia" CD but was told by Rainbow Records (in Wilmington, DE) that it is out of print!! Is there any existing stock anywhere? I really love that CD and want to pick up the additional for some friends.The recording was just released in 1997 and it is already out of print? Is this true?

Regards, Jay Sowinski

-- Jay Sowinski (sowinsjt@aol.com), October 27, 2000


Try gemm.com.,you might find it there.It is indeed out of print because the label it was on(Douglas),went under.All the stuff on that label is now out of print.I heard that some of it might be re- released on Knitting Factory.

-- Marcus Morgan (phillips@netside.net), October 31, 2000.

I've been looking for "Jazzonia" for ages with no luck. Is there anybody out there to help?

-- Topic (mtopic@analystic.com), November 07, 2000.

RE: "Jazzonia" - REPLY FROM Knitting Factory:

"Knit Classics intends on releasing the record sometime in 2001. It has not been scheduled as of yet. Please keep an eye open for at our the website: www.knittingfactory.com"

-- M Topic (mtopic@analystic.com), November 09, 2000.

Well, there's 2 copies on E-Bay right now (both about $10 each, and both extremely popular by the looks of it)...

...Re: GEMM... Only one of the dealers looks as though they might have it - Downtown Books (at http://www.downtownbooks.com/). I say this because the other dealers have a habit of listing stock they don't have... And the one at Downtown is a secondhand CD...

Good luck... Probably better, however, to wait for Knitting Factory to reissue it.


Nick King ;-)

-- Nick King (nick@king1.force9.co.uk), November 15, 2000.

Check eBay, there's usually several copies (often new & unwrapped) available for decent prices, oftewn VERY cheap. Peace & Blessings.

-- Jordan River (poeticterrorist@hotmail.com), July 26, 2002.

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