Mics for Gl-1

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I am looking to get a mic for a GL-1. Checking out the Sennheiser ME66 and MKE300. Any opinions or ideas for mics.


-- Andy Schwartz (andrew_schwartz@discovery.com), October 27, 2000


I'm very pleased with the Samson UM1 wireless with ECM55 sony lavalier mic. Purchased from B&H. It's available with several levels of Sony mics. While the plastic housings for transmitter and receiver are not professional heavy duty, they're holding up well. If you get recommendations on a good shotgun mic for the GL1, I'd be interested.

-- Mike Green (mikegreen@mail.com), November 10, 2000.

I have been using the AT835ST shotgun mic with my GL1 and it has been fantastic. It is a stereo mic and needs phantom power. I use a MixPad4 four channel mixer with it which can be run off of 3 9-volt batteries (which is quite handy in the field).

-- Bryce Surface (jmarvel@comteck.com), February 13, 2002.

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