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I have a query, if possible please answer by way of email, as follows:

The fasting month of Puratasi - is being observed by many south Indians in our country in South Africa between September 17 and October 17. I for one have been observing this period for many years. Please enlighten me as to the significance of this particular period, its origin, benefits and the method one should be following regarding this prayer(where one performs the Govinda prayer on Saturdays).

I await your response at your earliest convenience.

-- Gopal Kistasami (, October 27, 2000


اسلام فورم كشمير بهارت پاكستان

-- Your Full Name (-- Gopal Kistasami (, September 06, 2003.

u can fast (take one meal during lunch),worship krishna since morning on saturdays. u can reach heaven(vigundam) -tg

-- govindaraj thangavel (, August 29, 2004.

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