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I have a friend that has what looks like to me and old whistle post sign. it's made of cast iron with a "W" cast into it. the "W" and the border are raised about 1/8" of an inch above the rest of the sign. the sign itself is shaped like a home plate in baseball, but with the point, pointing up to read the "W". it's overall about 8" wide and about 10" tall, and about 1/2" thick. it doesn't have a post attached, but instead the back has a fitting to allow lite weight rail to slide into it. this " whistle post" was found on ex-Tifton and Northeastern Railroad right of way that eventually was ACL. ACL abandoned the line, i think in the mid 1950's. any and all info on this sign will be greatly appreciated. thanks, Dan Henderson

-- Dan Henderson (, October 26, 2000


By coincidence, I took a photo of your "W" type whistle sign at the abandoned, but being refurbished, RR station at Boyce, Virginia. This sign greets the northbound freights along the old Norfolk & Western tracks. It is exactly as you described, being shaped like home plate.

-- Samuel R. Young (, June 09, 2001.

Check, click on railroad classified ads, scroll down to cast iron railroad sign.

-- Randall Bass (, October 27, 2000.

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