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I have a 1987 300TD that had a minor head gasket leak last year. While the engine was apart, I made the decision to install a later 350SD head since I had the engine apart.

I know the following information:

1. Head has been pressure tested and visually examined by a machine shop and my Mercedes mechanic, and none of the expected head cracks have been noted.

2. Head casting number shows it to be an early head.

3. Prior to my ownership, the engine appears to have had head work done, it's possible that this is a replacement head, but I cannot back this up. Pure conjecture on my part

4. Comes complete with injectors and recent glowplugs, plus all valves/springs/etc.

5. Trap oxidizer removed by MB recall 4 or 5 years ago.

Total mileage on car when head was removed was 178K miles, I bought the car 7 years ago with 104k miles

I went with the new head, as I intend to keep this car for a long time, my wife has a symbiotic relationship with this machine, and I didn't want to risk paying for the labor later on for a second time.

For someone who is unwilling or unable to drop the $2K on a new bare casting, this head may be an inexpensive way to keep your car going.

-- Jim Freeh (, October 26, 2000

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