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The Mortgage Corporation using Edwards-Geldard Solicitors Cardiff Ervin Alm acting for solicitors.

could anyone please provide me with some information on how to serve a letter DPA subject access Rights.

1. Would i serve this notice on the Motgage Company or solicitors acting for the Mortgage Corporation.

2. Is there a standard worded letter i could use !.

Thank you.

-- al bromley (, October 26, 2000


Have a good look at this web site and it will give you everything you need. If you go to the site map there is a copy of a letter that you can send to your Lender and anyone else you need to get Data from, just one word of warning as Tony Hayter gave me, PAY THE FEE BY POSTAL ORDER AND NOT CHEQUE, that way they cannot get your bank details. Thanks Tony Good luck al

-- christine singleton (, October 27, 2000.

When was your repossession? Was it voluntary or did you hand in the keys?

-- Too scared to say (, November 05, 2000.

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