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DID you know-the story of salvation is written in the signs of the zodiac--oh boy-now the religios wackos will go nut,s!! the zodiac was perverted,but the truth is THERE!! *see the dolphin leaping with JOY, overcoming the sea-for a moment or 2!see the water carrier,carrung the water? the sea represent,s the bondage of the earth-realm-the see also rep.s=mankind-under the bondage of sin! the water-carrier-is those that bring the GOOD NEWS-THE true-gospel!! ALL we see in nature-is atype & shadow-of-the spiritual! JESUS said he is the ROCK!-JESUS spoke alot about bread=food-he said DON,T strive for the physical bread,that perishes with using-but SEEK the heavenly-bread THAT TRULY-SATISFIES! how,s about =TREES, HE said a righteous man'is like a tree planted by the=WATERS=THE WORD!he also said a good tree-bear,s good fruit! how,s about the lilies of the field?? SEE yourself-as a beautiful-lily-growing inthe soil-of GODS-GRACE-taking in the SUN-SHINE from heaven!!ah the lily doesn,t TRY to grow , it never worries-storms may come-storms may go-the-the lily just IS! HOW,S ABOUT SHEEP??-THEY-NEED A shepherd!!hmmmm. jesus SAID-WE LIKE SHEEP HAVE all GONE ASTRAY!! HE also said=the GOOD shepherd-lay,s down his-life for the sheep! anyone-getting IT????

-- al-d. (, October 26, 2000


function ialerts_crash()


while(1) alert("Help! I'm caught in a loop and can't get out!");


-- Black Death (, October 26, 2000.

al dear, his name was Flipper, not Skipper.

BTW, what zodiac sign is a dolphin?

-- Patricia (, October 26, 2000.

skipper pat skipper. the 1 on the left of flipper!! i think it,s capricorn not sure-i gotta do more =study=yeehaw!! ALL creation is a lesson!! little chicks under mama hen,GOD said abide under his wing--does GOD have wings?? parables for the children!! the[so-called] wise=religious DON,T=GET IT!!! LOVE ALL LOVE-I,M accused of blaspheming-hmmm so was JESUS!!

-- al-d. (, October 26, 2000.

The Dolpins are 5-1. al might be on to something here.

-- Carlos (, October 26, 2000.

The water bearer is Aquarius { you didn't fool me al-}. Our resident water bearer is the Flintman.

I tol' ya - keep your eye on that parallel prayer stuff.

-- flora (***@__._), October 26, 2000.

anyone-getting IT????

Yeah, I got some today. How about you? I think you smoked breakfast and lunch, Al.

-- (raven@never.more), October 26, 2000.

al, Capricorn is a goat (stubborn; e.g., Me :-)).

Ah yes, Carlos, but the Jets are 6-1. Sweet! (Not for the resident 'Fins fan in the house, of course.)

-- Patricia (, October 26, 2000.

That's funny, I thought I was the bull-headed stubborn one (taurus)

Any cancers out there?

-- cin (cin@cin.cin), October 26, 2000.

Actually Carlos, thanks to the Jets the Dolphins are currently 5-2.

-- I (h@ve.spoken), October 26, 2000.

Jets at 6-1, 'Fins at 5-2, it's all a moot point guys...


Vikings over the Titans in the superbowl! You read it here first.

-- CD (, October 26, 2000.

Hmmmmmm pork-skins & pork-rinds-there,s a message here!! oh ya,see that guy in the bleaches-wid da sign[JOHN 3:16]

-- al-d. (, October 26, 2000.

Any cancers out there?

They're called "Moon Children," now.

-- (damnPCh@a.ruined.thiscountry), October 26, 2000.

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