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ok. i repent--i didn,t quote scripture! the book of proverbs say,s_>the fool[dum-dum] say,s in his heart[self] THERE IS NO GOD!!-----big surprise in store huh??

hey sumer[yeehaw] you want rap? i,m al-the d. and rude crude & all tatooed-usta be a fool for the for the fool of fools-[boom waka boom]did my thing like a ding-a-ling then i met the man from galilee--he said son do yu wanna be free waka boom ta boom]i said LORD i,m tired of fightin the scene--i sure would like to be free & clean---HE said grab my hand if you wanna be free---cause i,m the eternal life tree---JESUS IS HIS NAME and i like to proclaim---since he been my friend it ain,t been the same[chuka boom]now i ain,t alway,s ---perfect CAN,T you see----but the life ain,t dependant on me!! [waka boom]

-- al-d. (, October 25, 2000


[boom waka boom]
take your [fucking] spam and cram it up you,r ass driscoll=retard
[waka boom]

-- Al-D is an idiot (, October 25, 2000.

ain,t for the doom---chuka boom--don,t like my toon?? change the channel----shmucka---roon!!

-- al-d. (, October 25, 2000.

al-d, the Christian rap-daddy. You go dude.

-- (righteous@rap.itude), October 25, 2000.

I did not find offense at al-d posting. I love the beat. What convinced me was I was listening one night to a proclamimed Officer of God, and he was asked about todays music, slow and haultingly, he said he thought "music with words repetative" were not of God. How does the word "Hallelujah" figure into this formula? We must have cried "Hallelujah" a kizillion times. Music is good! Rap is words turned from drum beat, Drum is good. Bass is better.

-- Fine tuned listener (am/fm/@your, October 25, 2000.

Oh geez Al, I'm blushing....NOT.

leans back and smiles.

-- consumer (, October 26, 2000.

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