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Does anyone know where I can get some quotes from Jane Grey? I'm doing a speech on her reign and I thought it would be fitting to end it with a quote from her. Thanks in advance.

-- Crystal Miller (cam88@hotmail.com), October 25, 2000


Try the book "Lady Jane Grey and the house of Suffolk" by Alison Plowden (Sidgewick & Jackson Ltd) Published Gt Britain 1985 and in New York 1986. This has a number of quotes and letters written bu Lady Jane and I have found it to be the most reliable source. If you have any difficulty please advise and I will see what I can do to help. Peter Carroll.

-- Peter Carroll (peter@daphne61.freeserve.co.uk), October 26, 2000.

Actually, after reading a book by Marguerite Vance call Lady Jane Grey, Reluctant Queen, i've remmebered tons of quotes...well..not tons but a few...one, which i've researched is as follows: "Father, into Thy hands...." She said that just loud enough that those closest to her could hear it against the flash of steel. Yup, you got it, this was at her execution


ps:.....though i'm only 13 i'm completely intriqued by Lady Jane and am going to England this summer to find out more!! :)

-- Adreanna Early (SatonMune_@excite.com), March 08, 2001.

http://englishhistory.net/tudor/relative/jane5.html that is the url to a page with a couple quotes


-- Adreanna Early (SatonMune_@excite.com), March 09, 2001.

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