B'ham Midshires shortfall claim. What to do next?

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Story so far - I was contacted in May by B'ham Midshires after leaving the property 7 years ago due to breakup in marriage (property was repossessed from ex-wife last Aug). I have been informed that due to arrears on mortgage at time of my leaving, I am still on mortgage and jointly liable for the shortfall of B#24K. This was the first time the B. Soc has contacted me in those 7 years. I Have issued an S.A.R.(received) and asked for a breakdown of costs (received). I asked for proof that the statutory Instruments of Notification were adhered to and was told that they didn't know what these were!! I asked how they found me (I was originally contacted by phone at work!!) and was just told "thier tracing company". I have now recieved a reply from my request for copies of the M.I.G. and have been told that "being a third party, I do not have a legal right to see any documentation".

Any help on what to do next would be greatly appreciated.

-- Scott Jordan (chamber101@yahoo.com), October 25, 2000

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