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Anyone who has had surgery or received blood lately, please tell me how much did the hospital charge on your bill per pint?

They say they are running short of blood, so why don't they pay people to donate it?

Sure, there are some refrigeration and handling expenses, but I bet they are making a lot of money on it, and could afford to pay at least 50% of what they charge on their bill.

My blood is primo, worth mucho dineros.

-- Count Dracula (i'm@very.thirsty), October 24, 2000


Drac, should know..there are plenty of places that will pay for blood...and it's been a hobo pasttime for decades. Look in your yello w pages.

-- They will Pay (&@!.$), October 25, 2000.

Not true. They pay for blood plasma, not for whole red blood. The Red Cross has a monopoly on whole blood, and they expect people to donate it for free.

-- (hobos.too.drunk@to.donate), October 25, 2000.

Up till about 15 years ago New Zealand had free medical services available for all who needed treatment. Until that time I was a blood donor, quite prepared to donate a pint of blood every 6 months without being paid for it. But then the government over here decided that all medical services should be charged for. At that time I stopped being a blood donor.

Like Count Dracula, my blood is valuable, so why should I donate it for free if I end up paying to have it returned some time in the furture?

-- Malcolm Taylor (, October 27, 2000.

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