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Does anyone have any experience with the Hudson T6 Recreational Boat?

It seems pretty interesting, and at $1395 US, it is promising from a financial standpoint.

I have paddled a royallite canoe before, so I don't know how flexible they can be.

Flat water rower Xeno Mueller says some good things about them, saying he can work out later in the day, if he feels like it, since the boat wakes don't faze it.

Thanks in advance


-- Trevor Blohm (, October 24, 2000


I've had the use of a T-6 since the US Rowing Convention last Fall. It's been rowed since then by four other members of our local club. We are unanimous in being surprised at its speed, tighness, and smooth action. It's twice as heavy as the Maas Aero, but hangs in there with the Aeros in a workout. It behaves well in rougher water. It seems an ideal solution for a large man. While none of us is going to rush to enter it in Sound Rowers' races, we're all eager to use it for longer touring and expect someone soon to develop an adventure touring program based on a fleet of Hudson T-6 and T-7 boats. I love the boat and recommend it enthusiastically for a great workout, a stable platform to develop sculling technique, and a fun way to get out on the water with room for extra gear. In fact, we feel the keel groove aft is intended to keep the evening's beverage from rolling around unceremoniously while staying chilled.

-- Steve Wells (, January 12, 2001.

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