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I would like to know how to do a axullary water tender used on some of the steam programs( the short ones used with 722 and 4501) I see pitures of the extra water tender for 722 and 4501. The one used for 722 looked like it was painted in the Green AND GOLD paint sceam with the Southern lettering. I can find any good photos of this hole tender. I would like do do something close. I know some of the short hall tenders are close to the axullary tenders. It is just capping off the coal load and putting a peace of plastic over it. Thanks Greg

-- Greg (, October 23, 2000


I know the Southeastern rr museum in Duluth, GA and the Tenn. Valley boath have axullary water tenders. The one in Duluth is painted for Southern and I have seen it in many pictures with the 750, which is also there. I have a decent picture of the one at the TVRR, email me and I will send it to you. EVAN =)

-- Evan (, January 13, 2001.

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