1000 PS staff paid incorrectly, says union

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By VERONA BURGESS Public Service Reporter

ABOUT 1000 staff in the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry have been paid incorrectly since the system was outsourced, according to a key union.

Problems had included underpayments, overpayments and incorrect bank account details appearing on pay slips.

The Community and Public Sector Union said that despite assurances it had been given by AFFA management, many staff were still experiencing difficulties.

The national president, Matthew Reynolds, said it was not good enough.

"Our members have the right to expect that their pay will be delivered in full and on time, irrespective of whether AFFA or the provider is at fault. AFFA embarked on the outsourcing under a promise of better service at a lower cost. While the total cost is yet to be determined, the service has been much worse."

Some members had reported substantial difficulty in getting in contact with the provider or having e-mails and phone call requests returned.

Many members had suffered incorrect translations of their entitlements under the certified agreement.

Some part-timers who worked full-time during the Olympics had continued to be paid as part-time.

One member reported seeking advice on the pay scales and being told that the person did not know about them.

Some Higher Education Contributions Scheme payments had been incorrect.

One member had requested a copy of his personal file but was told it would take up to seven days to be delivered to the head office, or else he could pick it up himself in one or two days.


-- Doris (reaper@pacifier.com), October 23, 2000

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