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Hi everyone! I have a glut of windfalls and would like to make some apple head dolls with my girls.Is there a site or anything,or could someone tell me how to?I would like to have a picture just as a guide,I'm just that kind of learner!!!God bless & thanx. teri

-- teri murphy (, October 23, 2000


hi terry I dont have a drawing but we used to make these when we were kids peel the apple dip it in lemon juice if you want a lighter color when dried carve out the eyes cut a slit on either side where you want the nose to go and a slit in the shape of the mouth poke a stick into the bottom and poke it into something like styrofoam put it on a shelf up high where it is dry (ABOVE THE STOVE) and watch they will dry and wrinkle also cut around the ears they are so easy I would make many and do them both with lemon juice and with out also mom used co core some of hers they would dry faster and really shrivel. we never used these for anything just did them for fun I had an exceptional mom.

-- ronda (, October 23, 2000.

I have a set that my mother made for me, sitting on a little bench. She made them to represent her and my father, put hair and glasses on them, and dressed them. The directions on the post above are correct, you just have to experiment. you can also poke beads into the places where the eyes will be, or pins with bead tops. Have fun! Jan

-- Jan in Colorado (, October 23, 2000.

ok,, I remember something like this when I was a kid,, but , when do you make the cuts?

-- STAN (, October 24, 2000.

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