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Hello! Is anyone from BC Cananda? Today is Oct.22 and we have about an inch of snow on the ground. How's everyone else's weather?

-- Megan Milliken (, October 22, 2000


HI There,

I live on Vancouver Island north of Nanaimo. No snow here. The leaves are just starting to turn colors and the countryside looks beautiful. I came from the praires and -40 declow c so I'm happy to be here.

-- Tim Jaeger (, October 22, 2000.

I'm not from Canada, but here in Indiana, we have beautiful weather. It's warmer than normal and the leaves are prettier than they have been the last few years.

-- Cindy (, October 23, 2000.

It must be nice(-: down here in centeral texas it was 80 And not right for this time. well enjoy while you can some of us are stuck down south. Anthony

-- Anthony J. DiDonato (, October 25, 2000.

Megan, not from BC but from Washington state...your neighbor to the south. What part of BC are you living in? I used to live in Bellingham, and now have property in U.S. Okanogan.

-- sheepish (, October 25, 2000.

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