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If one thing gets up my nose it's those same lenders who are happy to screw us over making claims in their adverts and leaflets which are at odds with our experiences at their hands. Abbey, for example, say: 'Because life's complicated enough'. Well why, Abbey National, are you trying to ruin mine? Also, as someone else astutely pointed out to me, lenders' leaflets, when they say 'Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on it' are only telling a partial truth. The leaflets should also say: '...and we'll reserve the right to hound you fo 12 years, invade your privacy and that of your family, fail to substantiate the debt properly, harrass you and intimidate you, and generally make your life an utter misery.' So please tell the Advertising Standards Authority if you think that these slogans and statements are misleading and offensive. Write to: The ASA, 2 Torrington Place, London CW1E 7HW or complain via Many thanks - our support for each other is making a difference.

-- Eleanor Scott (, October 22, 2000


I found this site by searching for Halifax and ASA, and I complained about the Halifax to the ASA as their adverts were misleading, and the full transcript of my complaint and response is on my website.

John Perry

-- John Perry (, April 20, 2001.

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