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Yesterday we received the paperwork from the Halifax re our Data Subject Access request. I have not yet been through all of it but I have just two questions if anyone can give any answers. 1) on the first page main mortgage details it gives date of completion, Original term 25years then repayment term 35 years, can anyone tell me what this means, does it mean that the mortgage has been extended to 35 years or am I reading this wrong. If it does mean that it has been extended can they do this without authority.

2) On the REVIEW AND NOTE HISTORY (diary) the last 3 entries have been removed not entirely I can still make out some of the entry but only little bits of it, these entries are for the two day before the eviction and I am wondering if an offer of payment has been made and refused ( as it was my husbands ex-wife that was evicted form the property ) if this is so could the eviction have been stopped.

Anyone any answers.


-- christine singleton (, October 22, 2000

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