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We needed a break from the overwhelming problems of this past week. So we went to a corn maze. What fun. This was was cut out like a castle. The farmer worked it out on his computer then cut it out with lawn mowers.

The idea was to solve a who-dun-it mystery. You had to find 15 mailboxes. In each mailbox was a clue. You then had to figure who-dun-it, where it was done and how. It took about an hour and a half to go through. It was really fun, even for us middle-aged folk.

If you live where corn is grown and there are mazes, spend the $5 and have fresh air, exercise and fun. {:~)

-- Cindy (, October 22, 2000


Cindy: What fun! Too late for that here, but I always wanted to do that. Next year, our granddaughter wants to cut a maze in our corn- sounds a little complex, but maybe if I start on it now....Thanks for the smiles! Jan

-- Jan in Colorado (, October 22, 2000.

For those of you close to SW missouri, there is a corn maze in Verona, MO. I didn't get a chance to go this year but mabye next year.

-- Carleen (, October 22, 2000.

We had a corn maze near our house. I told my son we should go as soon as possible because people have a tendency to distroy them. Sure enough, there were paths between where there should not have been. And some kids were having a corn kernal war. It was funny seeing people pushing their way out from all sides. We never did find the end ourselves but it was fun trying. This place also has haunted hay rides on Saturday night. They charged $10 for adults and $7 for kids. Someone told me they had 750 people there.

-- Dee (, October 23, 2000.

Oh! Cindy -- where is this located? There is/was one in southwestern Minneapolis area, we didn't have time to get to it and I was disappointed...this is something I'd love to do. I've also been planning a labyrinth for the backyard, even if it is only one out of grass...

-- Julie Froelich (, October 24, 2000.

Another fun thing to do with corn is to grow a playhouse for your kids. Or you can use sunflowers. You can also intersperse them with morning glories, which will twine around the stems.

-- Joy Froelich (, October 25, 2000.

The maze is at Tyler's Crossing which is a mile off hwy 7 in Scipio In. This was their first year. I hope they do it again next year. There's lots of places I can't go because of perfume, etc. But I can be outside in the fresh country air.

-- Cindy (, October 25, 2000.

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