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I have an IMAC and it modem is 56k speed, but I only connect at 33.600 bps. First I wasn't connecting because my modem couldn't find a carrier sign, so. I change configuration for "IMAC internal 56k (v.34 only)" in modem window. What could I do for connect at 5

-- Renato Gongalves de Lanes (, October 22, 2000


The highest I have been able to connect is 48 and that has been awile ago. Usually it is 33 and yes it is bothersome! It is a combination of phone line noise (or whatever) and your ISP. Call them to have a line check done. The phone company doesn't guarantee anything!!! I have checked. It is like barking up a wrong tree. The only thing you can do is to go cable...

-- Scott Walton (, July 11, 2001.

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