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Check out this ISP in Hawaii


-- Johnny Canuck (, October 22, 2000


If you have questions after this such as: "Huh? ...What's the next step? ...Where's the Internet Menu, Anyhow? ...I just got my computer last week! Can I call you, and have you walk me thru the setup?"

Ain't that the truth...

-- Uncle Bob (, October 22, 2000.

Remember, though: Christmas is coming up, and those 5.0 CD's make neat little handmade gifts! See Nikki's 1997 AOL CD Present Collection for some ideas. Just keep the disks as far away from your computer as possible...

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), October 22, 2000.

That's hilarious.....and so true. My Mom has AOL (she's a newbie) and when I went back to NYC for my brother's wedding, we stayed at her house. AOL would kick us off after approximately every ten Internet page requests that were not "requested" through warning, just that incredibly annoying "Goodbye" voice. Grrrrr.

As to the AOL CD presents, some years back, when AOL was distributed on floppy disks, I came across a list of 100 things to do with them. My co-workers and I went through a number of those suggestions. I wore them as earrings one day :-)

-- Patricia (, October 22, 2000.


I've been on AOL since [approximately] version 2. Really haven't had much trouble with them [at least no more than the network in my office].

The discs. I collect them. String them up around my cherry trees. Scares the hell out of the birds.

Best wishes,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, October 22, 2000.

Z, now THAT'S a useful suggestion.

Some years back, when I first needed an online connection at home, I started with AOL (not because I was a newbie, but it was the most convenient to set up at the time -- I had all those disks laying around -- LOL).

It crashed my laptop every time I launched it. That lasted four days, and I went with MindSpring.

When my Mom told me she was on AOL, I thought it would be good for her, being a newbie to the world of PCs and the Internet, and it's served her well so far. It was just my experiences with it that have formed my (negative) opinion.

-- Patricia (, October 22, 2000.

LOL Jonny, you and I must have same surfing habits. I was going to post that ISP link on here a few days ago for giggles, but got sidetracked.

I like this ISP owner's attitude :-D

Read his response to a customer: So that things are clear to you, please read this Letter From a Disgruntled Customer.

-- (, October 23, 2000.

Geez just imagine if ALL ISP's were this way! the 'net would be a much better place, that is for sure.

I for one have never been able to understand why people want to get a 'puter and "surf the net" if they don't know what they are doing. I mean, if you want to drive a car, you have to pass a test to get a license. If you want to own a gun, you need to get a license, and you SHOULD get some training. ANYTHING in life worth doing is worth doing RIGHT.

I applaud this flexnet thinking. Imagine what the y2k "debate" would have been like if there weren't so many technically illiterate people online. Gary, Ed, Kory and the rest would have had no breeding ground for their FUD.


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